Restore ADA

Dear ADA Community,

  • I bought ADA one year ago approximately.

  • I have the voucher of purchase and the link for the Cardano blockchain explorer (address is visible there).

  • When I bought the coins they were visible in my balance in the Daedalus wallet version of that time.

  • I did not transfer them to the paper certificate as far as I remember.

  • A few weeks ago I download a new version of Daedalus.

  • I restore my paper wallet with the 27 word recovery phrase but the balance is 0.

  • I do not have any 12 word recovery phrase, never had.

Any insight please, as I have lost my sleep for too many days in a row.

27 seed phrase is for the byron paper wallet.

12 is for the byron daedalus.

Your details contradict themselves, so it’s difficult to assist. Have you tried restoring a paper wallet?

Does this mean that the byron paper wallet and byron daedalus should be related to different addresses as well?

I am trying to make sense here to what has happened as well. I am not a tech expert, more of an amateur who bough ADA a long time ago and did not check any details ever since.

Try to restore your wallet on and migrate them to a Shelley wallet if possible. If you arent able to do that please contact the IOHK Support.