ADA lost after upgrade to New wallet

Hey there,

I still have problems trying to obtain my lost ADA since the upgrade of the wallet. I have a Byron 12 phrase wallet since 2017 and I have tried many things including contacting customer support but they insist on that I may have a different phrase which I don’t. I posses the same unique phrase since 2017 which was working great on old wallet.

I also checked all my transactions on Cardano Explorer and there are a lot of them that I do not recognize, and the balance is completely different.

Any suggestions on how to get my ADA back? I tried YOROI wallet and also SHELLEY wallets but my balance still zero.

Am I missing something here? All my ADA was perfectly fine on the original wallet (Byron) and I had no option but to upgrade to the new Daedalus wallet, after the upgrade of wallet my balance suddenly vanished.

This process should be easier if is an “upgrade” don’t you agree?

Please help me out, the customer service is not helpful. This is so frustrating…



If your 12 seed words are showing a zero balance then that is not the correct seed phrase. Wallet upgrades wont change anything, ada is stored on the blockchain, wallets are just used to access that ada. A little bit like an ATM.

You will need to find the correct seed phrase for your funds, until then your ada will remain unaccessable infinitely

I only have one phrase since 2017, I have used the same unique phrase to make trades and to access my ADA from original wallet. I’ve never had or created another wallet at all.

Have the exact same issue. I have a print screen of my seed phrase but it does not work

You don’t use your seed phrase to make transactions

For both of you.

It is 100% impossible for funds to just not exist under a correct seed phrase. Everything is on the blockchain uneditable. @Lef1990 you are welcome to start a new thread and explain your problem

I know that, I meant I used the same phrase to access into my wallet

Is not only you and me, there are a lot of people with the same issue

One way to find out, would perhaps be to downgrade to an old version of your wallet and see what addresses it generates from your seed. Given the same seed + algorithm should generate the same addresses.

In any case, if you are positive about having the correct seed, that is the source of your private key, which is the source of your public addresses your funds will not be lost - unless your private key has fallen into the hands of others.

I’d start with verifying addresses generated from the seed.

That sounds like a good idea but there is no way to downgrade to a previous wallet since the new upgrade came out. It doesn’t let me open the previous original version.
And yes I am 100% positive this is the only private key I have and has been really safe for the last 3 yrs or so.

I truly hope you haven’t been a victim of a virus scam and someone has stolen your funds and the issue is purely a wallet upgrade issue.
Trying to help so don’t shoot my comment below and/or my ignorance if this would work for you.

As you’ve tried the upgrade feature and it’s not working.
I have an old laptop (there may be others out there with a back-up of an old laptop) with the original Daedalus on it, if you got hold of one like this and used the old seed words, wouldn’t that bring up your original wallet and funds and you could then forward them to a new wallet on Shelley ?
Good luck


What @Lgbeano was trying to explain here is that: if you have the right seed words and your wallet was emptied by someone, then you would see the transaction of that moved ada.

If you restore an empty wallet with no transactions at all then this means this wallet has always been empty.

Best thing is to contact Daedalus support: Submit a request – IOHK Support

Please also look into this similar thread: Lost ADA on Byron wallet - #14 by DMW1969


I saw many transactions on Cardano Explorer that seems really weird to me.
That is why I am concerned.
Fortunately I have the proof that it was my wallet based on the first transactions. I just dont know what to do now. Customer service is not even replying my emails.

That is an interesting comment. Did you check the wallet balance in the wallet or in Cardano Explorer? (checking the balance in Cardano Explorer only might be misleading)

I can’t imagine support not writing back. If you send me your ticket number, I might be able to find something out.


Thank you for your help, I will definitely try and see if I can get a hold on an old version of the wallet and see if that works. It was definitely an issue since the upgrade.
I hope nobody stole my stack that won’t be good at all.
The daedalus wallet was supposed to be secure thats why lots of people move their ADA from main Exchanges like Binance including myself.

Have you tried this …

Best regards Wovidal
There are a number of bad actors in life (not just in crypto) and probably a good idea to take all steps possible to limit the chances of someone attacking our system.
This is frustrating but all anyone can ever do is try to implement a few things to solidify their own system going forward, this won’t just protect crypto but all the data/email/bank detail etc. from attack on our hardware.

The Daedalus wallet is super secure, however if a ‘system’ has potentially been compromised with some scam link and/or keylogger, or in the future someone downloaded a ‘fake’ copy of Daedalus then all the good work to protect funds is lost.

Ledger have a very solid piece of tech, however their database got attacked and leaked away data in relation to customers, this left Ledger customers open and targeted to email and text phishing attacks.
A good video to cover this example How to Protect Yourself from Ledger Phishing Scams Don't Reveal Your 24 Word Recovery Phrase! - YouTube

An idea, (which i was impressed with), the Winklevoss’s did this on going ‘large’ into crypto.
They set up their crypto on cold machines and then locked them away, i.e any computer used for crypto is used for nothing else and isolated (99.9999999999999% of the time) from the internet.

It does mean additional cost and takes additional time, although if anyone has significant funds then it provides a further layer of protection, any regular spends/trades can be sent across as needed to a ‘hot’ machine to provide day to day crypto use.

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Doublecheck that you’re entering the correct phrase. Check after each word if it’s correct. After the wallet is synchronised is it compeltely empty or are transactions present?

If it’s completely empty then either the seed phrase is wrong or there could be a bug in the wallet that leads to wrong private key derivation from the seed, that is pure speculation from my side though.

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Hey @wovidal I was also going to ask those questions - “Doublecheck that you’re entering the correct phrase. Check after each word if it’s correct. After the wallet is synchronised is it completely empty or are transactions present?”

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@wovidal I double checked that the addresses generated from an identical random seed (i.e. your 12 words) generate the same addresses - and they do as expected. I checked this with Daedalus and ADALite.

Independent of your Daedalus update issue, you should be able to see your account balance in just the same.