How to get ADA from old wallet to updated wallet?


Any help, most appreciated.

Bought ADA in 2018. Now I’m trying to access it. My old Daedalus Wallet ( is out of date, will not connect to network. I checked Cardano Blockchain Explore and found my two transactions and can see the exact amount of ADA.

With the info available in Cardano Blockchain Explore (wallet address, transaction ID) how can I get ADA to appear on updated Daedalus Wallet (Mainnet 3.2.0#16053). I don’t believe I was instructed to create a 24 word phrase. I kept all emails and a crypto notebook. I have my Nano S word phrase and login code, but no phrase for Daedalus.

I have a Ledger Nano S with some XRP on it. I thought the ADA was on there too. But maybe not. I remember seeing the ADA on old Daedalus Wallet.

Any suggestions? Thank you very much!


If u bought ada in 2018 then it was on byron era and there are 2 possibilities:

  • u created a simple daedalus wallet and u should have a 12 seed words for restoring
  • ur ada are on ledger and u only need to pair ur ledger with daedalus; before of that check if u have the latest version of ledger amd cardano app on ledger live; open cardano app in ledger and go to daedalus add wallet - pair (u don’t need seed words, only ledger pin/passwords)


I have the same problem. I bought a lot of Ada in Jan 2018 and created Daedalus wallet with phrase/seed. I’m unable to sync that now.

I want to move the testnet to mainnet and stake it. I have recently bought a lot many. I am a long term believer and would like to stake a huge amount. How do I go about moving my Testnet Ada tokens to either an exchange like Binance.Us or Bittrex or create a new wallet ( Hardware or otherwise) for long term staking?

Please help.

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First of all, do u have the seed words for ur old byron wallet?

If yes u will need to restore ur wallet in daedalus

From there u can transfer ur ada on ur hw wallet



Background Info:

My Byron era wallet (circa 2018) was created on an old Mac (circa 2009, OS El Capitan).

My Byron wallet would not sync to the blockchain because it was too old.

I could not install Daedalus 3x on my old Mac because it was too old.

This was the solution for my situation…

From my old Mac I copied this directory/files to the desktop of my new Mac:
/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/Secrets-1.0

On my new Mac I installed the newest version of Daedalus 3X.

I > IMPORTED < from an old wallet by pointing to the “secret.key” file on my desktop.

I named this wallet “Old Wallet.”

As the walled was being restored and syncing with the blockchain, I saw my ADA appear.

I created a new wallet called “Wallet [Date]” and a recovery phrase and synced to the blockchain.

I needed my “Wallet Password” which I did not know.

I went to old Mac “Keychain Access” in Utilities Folder and looked up passwords to apps I had used in 2018 during first crypto boom. After several tries, I found the correct Wallet Password.

My ADA successfully transferred from Old Wallet to New Wallet.

I have recorded Recovery Phrase and Wallet Password on paper and stored in safe place.

Good luck!

Happy for you!

Thanks, Man! Just found my missing ETH too. Good day!

Cool, now u need to delegate ur ADA.