Ledger and Daedalus

I’ve downloaded Daedalus (no prob’ but slow!} and I’ve put my ADA onto it via Ledger. I notice people talking about there seed phrases etc but I don’t recall being asked for a seed phrase or write one down when I moved my ADA onto it. If Daedalus or computer crashes I don’t have a seed to restore it? Or restore my ADA?

you will not need anymore the seed for restoring the ADA wallet, just open the daedalus/yoroi/adalite.io and connect your ledger.
The transactions are secured, you will need to confirm from ledger

You still have the 24 seed words for the ledger device restore (bkp well)

don’t forget to redelegate because u changed the wallet!

Happy delegation,

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So, is your ADA now on Ledger or just in Daedalus? That sentence makes it sounds like you moved ADA out of Ledger to Daedalus.

I put my ADA onto Daedalus as I spent many weeks trying to get it onto ledger with no luck - even with “help”

Thanks Alex

It’s ok? Did u managed to move the funds on ledger?

If your Ada is on Daedalus and not on the Ledger you should have your 24 word recovery phrase written down for that wallet. If you have that you can restore your wallet. If you don’t have 24 word recovery for Daedalus, then create new Daedalus wallet, write down 24 words (keep them safe), make a spending password (also keep it safe) for that wallet and transfer you Ada to that new wallet.

NOTE: Do NOT erase the old wallet if you don’t have 24 word recovery. You will not be able to restore it otherwise!

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Thanks Mr Anderson!