Restore Daedalus created phrase to Ledger

I’m wondering if there is a way to use a Daedalus recovery phrase / wallet to restore to a Ledger?

Specifically, I have created a Daedalus wallet and now I want to use a Ledger to manage it. Since the restore mechanism is different, if I entered the Daedalus phrase into the Ledger, it will generate a different wallet.

Is there a work around for this?

Hmmm… ledger is another wallet and u can’t restore the daedalus wallet into ledger (seed words are not comptible)
You will need to connect the ledger to daedalus/yoroi/ and transfer (send) all funds from daedalus simple wallet to ledger wallet

!! First time try with 10 ADA and disconnect/connect again the ledger to verify … Oh and check the address before to press submit…

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I was more thinking, is there a technical way to transform the Daedalus phrase to a Ledger phrase? No problem if there isn’t. I was just curious.

Nope, ledger has it’s own seed word