Ledger wallet initial setup in Daedalus versus restore

What are the differences when a brand new Ledger HW wallet is paired with Daedalus as compared to when a Ledger HW wallet is restored? The reason I ask is that after the Ledger is initially configured, the wallet only has options for changing the wallet name, viewing the public address and deleting the wallet. After a wallet is deleted and restored there are additional options to change the spending password and to confirm the wallet recovery seed.

  1. Is it possible to get back to the original wallet configuration in Daedalus where there is no spending password?
  2. Is the recovery phrase stored in Daedalus and if not, why is the option to confirm the wallet recovery seed not available after the initial pairing and before the wallet is deleted/restored?

I’m paranoid but I don’t even like the fact that I typed in a wallet recovery seed on a computer that could have been monitored in some way.

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If I understand it correctly, first time you configured using Hardware Wallet and then deleted it. And if you restore the hardware wallet using recovery seed, why are you entering wallet recovery seed and password in Daedalus?

You won’t need it as all of this recovery seed and password sits on your HW wallet.

If you are restoring then pick the correct HW wallet restore option, if configured correctly using HW wallet option, you shouldn’t see the options wallet recovery seed/spending password. It should behave the same way as the first time, as you mentioned.

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Thanks ADAMOONPOOL. You are correct. I configured a Ledger wallet in Daedalus and deleted it. I then chose the restore option in Daedalus (not Ledger Live). Daedalus asked for the recovery seed and I entered it. It appears that the recovery seed may be stored in Daedalus since an option to test the recovery seed is now available. I don’t think Daedalus would store the recovery seed but I asked the question because I can’t tell one way or the other. It looks like I just chose the wrong recovery method so I need to go back through the process again.

I’ve not done it yet but the docs say that the recovery seed for a Ledger device can be changed using Ledger Live. In any case, there’s nothing on the wallet. I’m just testing different scenarios to make sure I have a good understanding of the functionality.