Nano S wallet not visible in Daedalus after upgrading to Daedalus 3.2.0

After upgrading Daedalus to 3.2.0, a nearly empty Shelley wallet was shown, but not my wallet paired with my nano S. Do I restore it? and if so what do I need to restore it besides the 24-word paraphrase? The name? The long alphanumeric string?

I upgraded to 3.3.0 with my fingers crossed but no luck there.

later: Okay. I have bit the bullet (bitten the bullet?) and restored the wallet. The system did not complain about the paraphrase. The wallet sync’ed, and of course, it is empty. So maybe it must be paired with my Nano S. I will give that a whirl.

Never enter your ledger mnemonics ANYWHERE except your hardware ledger device. If you did so before, you used your ledger mnemonics to create an online wallet (different to your ledger device).

To connect to your ledger device from Daedalus, you need to pair the wallet, and then wait for wallet to sync. You can follow instructions here for the same

Ledger Live is the latest version. My Nano S Firmware is up to date with ver. 1.6.1. and the Cardano app is up to date with ver. 2.1.0.

I am utterly confused about the functions of Ledger versus Daedalus versus Yoroi. Earlier, in Daedalus, I “Added a Wallet”, chose “Restore”, entered a name, entered the mnemonics, and waited while it synced ~ 60 minutes. Are you saying that the wallet created is not what I intended? I am assuming that the data is still on the blockchain.

In Ledger - Manager, I am prompted to Connect and unlock. I do. It responds. Up top is the word “Synchronized” with a green checkmark. Is it paired?

Yes you opened a hot wallet that is different to ledger wallet. As mentioned earlier, regardless of which wallet you use NEVER enter your ledger seed.

Please follow the instructions in the link I shared to pair your wallet, it has the screenshots too for your guidance

Where can I read how I properly restore my wallet. Entering the paraphrase into the nano seems foreign to me. I believe I remember verifying the words one by one at some point months ago when setting it up. I do not know why this is so hard for me. I added more to my dialog on the Cardano site.

I pasted the link above in my first message, did you check it out yet?

I paired. I exported the public key. It is now syncing. Hope is stirring within.

All is well. Paired and synced. I hope I can become fluent enough to help others in the future. I am sincerely grateful. - Robert


Yeah, but be very-very careful in the future. As Priyank said.
If you enter your Ledger 24-word mnemonics anywhere except the Ledger device itself, then you risk loosing all of your funds. Even now your Desktop could have been compromised in the past, and you risked your all funds by exposing your mnemonics to the Desktop or whatever.

You must this wire into your brain very-very hard.
No exceptions, nada, nah, no, never ever… Even if god appears in front of you from the ether you must not show him your phrase.


The same thing happened to me. After trying and trying to “Restore” the wallet, I was clued in that I had to “relink” my Nano, NOT restore the wallet.


Download the new daedalus flight version (4.0.0) and try again…or wait for the mainnet version to be release…
or try with yoroi chrome extesion…
or try on