Moving Daedalus/Nano Ledger S to a new PC

Hi there, can anyone help me with a guide on how to transfer my Ledger/Daedalus to a new computer, please?

I currently have ADA on my Nano Ledger S and it is linked to Daedalus where it is also staking.

I’m planning to switch laptops and have already installed Daedalus on my new laptop. When I click on Pair (Hardware wallet device) it tells me to enter my PIN on the Nano ledger S (connected via USB), which I did but nothing happens afterwards and the Daedalus window is not changing at all.

Do I need to disconnect the Nano Ledger from Daedalus on the old laptop first or what am I doing wrong? It doesn’t seem to recognise my Ledger in the Daedalus application on the new laptop at all. I tried multiple times including opening the Cardano App on the Nano Ledger S. Btw, the Nano Ledger is working fine on the old laptop.

if the funds are secured by ledger then u don’t have to do nothing more than install daedalus on your new laptop and pair the ledger

U don’t need to uninstall the ledger/daedalus from the old laptop

anyway, close the ledger live, open daedalus and then connect your ledger on USB… then go an try to pair again

So no recovery phrase is required? Just the Nano X?

Yes, if the ADA are secured by ledger u can pair the ledger with any available wallet

use restore option and connect/pair ledger

OK thank you so much! I forgot if I had set up the wallet with or without the seed phrases or just my Nano X. So I must have just used the Nano X and no word phrases.

You can check first time to connect the ledger on and check if u see the right wallet/balance

Hey guys, I am having the same issue as OP but with a Trezor T. When I pair my wallet with Yoroi, the account balance shows 0 ADA. But when it is paired with Daedalus it shows my actual balance…

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Hi all, many thanks for the answers. I managed to connect it!

so, if u connect the trezor on do u see the right balance? If yes then delete the wallet from yoroi and pair again the trezor

No I see a 0 balance. I would be concerned but it is also showing that there are no transactions.

and did u said that on daedalus it’s showing the right balance?

can u check if u have the passphrase enabled (u can find the option in trezor settings)?

Yes but the problem is Daedalus keeps crashing so i cant do anything on there…

I have passphrase disabled. But I might have had it enabled when I first created the wallet? IDK if that matters?

do u know if u set a passphrase when u created the wallet?

I might have…does that mean I am screwed?

What OS do u have?

The one with Deadalus that keeps crashing is on a MAC. The other computer is Windows.

I don’t understand how is possible that on yoroi/adalite to show 0 balance but on daedalus to show the right balance… question when did u paired the trezor on daedalus? And on your old daedalus (where u see the balance)… it’s saying trezor wallet or standard wallet?
Also, are u sure that the funds were moved to trezor wallet? Do u still have the 24 seed words for daedalus?

The wallet has the little trezor symbol next to it in Daedalus (the one where I can see the actual balance).

I paired the Trezor maybe 5 or 6 months ago.

All I have is a 12 code seed for the Trezor.

Honestly I need to get the Mac to stop crashing so I can send the ADA to another wallet that isn’t paired to a Trezor. But it keep scrashing!

Because daedalus it’s using more than 8-9G of RAM … how much RAM has the laptop?

anyway try to activate/enable the passphrase and when u restore the wallet leave it blank (empty)


I will try to activate with blank passphrase. If that does not work, have I lost my ADA?