Ledger Nano X and Daedalus wallets

I just got the Ledger Nano X and am not sure how best to work it. Before I screw things up I thought I’d ask some basic question. I’m thinking what I want to do is move my 4 staked wallets in Daedalus to the Ledger. That’s it. Nothing else changes they are still staked. Not sure how to do that. I see in Daedalus I can pair a hardware device and I imagine that’s where I start. Then can I move the wallets without losing the staking?



Being a new wallet u will need to redelegate… but on ledger u must use PIN/passphrasses for each wallet … so u should bkp and take care to not lose them, otherwise u will not be able to access the funds…

There is another option if u will try to use it…

create one single wallet on ledger then connect the ledger on adalite.io and use multi accounts for multi delegation

to connect the wallet on daedalus just click on pair amd connect the ledger… send 5 ADA from daedalus simple wallet to ledger wallet then try to reconnect the ledger on daedalus or adalite.io, try to send 3 ADA back to daedalus simple wallet… if everything is fine (working) you can move all funds to ledger

PS: keep 1 ADA on each daedalus simple wallet for transaction fee when u will withdraw the rewards ( the rewards are delayed 2 epochs so u will still receive rewards for 2 epochs (on old daedalus wallets) and starting with 3rd epoch u will receive the rewards on ledger)

If u will decide to use passphrases (try to use different passphrase for each wallet like wallet1 wallet2 …) send few ADA to each wallet… then play and try to restore all wallets (also try to perform transactions - send ADA back to daedalus simple wallet)

U must test all scenarios before to transfer all funds to ledger…
And don’t forget to delegate

Another alternative is ccvault.io wallet (same as adalite.io) u will have multiple accounts per wallet (for multidelegation) ccvault.io - a Cardano community wallet

the issue when u will see adalite.io or ccvault.io with multi accounts is that when u will restore the ledger on daedalus/yoroi u will see only the main account balance

I’d like to understand how to use Daedalus to create wallets on Ledger. I can install the ADA app on Ledger and then create a hardware pairing in Daedalus. It looks to me I can move ADA from wallets in Daedalus to Ledger?

You cannot create wallets on the Ledger, but the Ledger is one such wallet (or rather the secret key to one such wallet, fully represented by the seed phrase you stored safely and securely somewhere).

If you pair with Daedalus (or any other wallet access application) the secrets never leave the hardware wallet, but Daedalus (or another app) just asks the hardware to sign something.

So, if you are happy moving everything into a single wallet and staking with only one stake pool, you are good to go after pairing the Ledger with Daedalus.

Otherwise, if you still want four distinct wallets, you have the options given by @Alexd1985 above:

Either use the passphrase functionality: https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005214529-Advanced-passphrase-security
Drawbacks: You have to be extra careful to not lose the passphrases (as he said, try connecting, reconnecting, receiving, and sending before moving meaningful funds). And it’s a bit cumbersome to switch between these accounts (only one can be attached to a second PIN code, passphrases have to be put in on the Ledger).

Or use the multi-account functionality of adalite.io or ccvault.io.
Drawbacks: Only accessible through these two Web-based wallet apps, not through Daedalus or Yoroi.

Actually not happy with that. Maybe at some point I will consolidate all my wallets into one but for now I like having my staked ADA in 4 different wallets and 4 different stake pools. I’m still trying to understand why my highest ranked stake pool sometimes outperforms my lowest ranked stake pool. Lower being better.

I’ll take another look at @Alexd1985 suggestion. I’m happy with Daedalus and feel it’s safe and secure.

Thank you very much for a clear description.