Test transaction sending ADA from Adalite wallet to Daedalus wallet

Can someone give advise,
I cannot find any information in IOHK to help,
I did a test by transferring ADA12 from my Adalite wallet to my Daedalus wallet they are not showing up in summary in my Daedalus wallet, before I transfer any more ADA i need to know if this is right or wrong,
Both my Adalite wallet and Daedalus wallets are separately linked to Ledger,
My total ADA has been staked in my Adalite wallet for some time, But I want to Transfer my ADA to my Daedalus wallet and stake there,
just to confuse matters more I can see the ADA 12 I transferred in Cardano Blockchain explorer ,
I can also see the transaction fee in summery ,but as said I cannot actually see the ada12 in summary,
please advise thanks

Can you kindly assist me
thank You

same ledger device? same wallet?

Hi Alex
So if I want to just stake /delgate eg, sundaeswap in Daedalus I simply just stake without needing to transfer from Adalite to daedalus

don’t you have the same balance in daedalus as adalite?

daedalus, adalite, yoroi are just an interface to connect the ledger… to access the funds from blockchain

as long your private keys are on ledger, you don’t need to send anything; just pair the ledger

your funds are still delegated even you will pair the ledger with daedalus yoroi or adalite, you don’t need to do anything… you can see inside daedalus to which pool your funds are delegated, not the same with adalite.io?

Alex yes I do have the same balance displaying in both Daedalus and Adalite ,but in my ignorance I thought I still had to do a transfer from Adalite to Daedalus ,
Well I paid a fee for a transaction that was not necessary but it was worth it to learn what you have just explained,
I will delegate in Daedalus with confidence now,
I really appreciate your help ,thanks Alex

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you will need to redelegate in daedalus only if you will want to change the pool, if not you don’t need to take any actions


Thank You
great help

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ADALite supports multiple (BIP44) accounts, which each have a separate staking key. In short, you transfer some ADA from Account#1 to Account#2 and then stake #Account#2. AFAIK, Daedalus only supports the first BIP44 path (i.e. only Account#1)

tomdx I understand that you can add separate accounts each with seperate keys to delegate to different pools on Adalite,
I just downloaded Daedalus wallet and am trying to get familiar with it, so am I right in saying each pool I want to delegate to is completely separate ( there is no account two like on Adalite), account 1 is the initial account and if I want to delegate to others i separately stake them , is that right Tomdx

Does any one know if sundaeswap is about to happen or have finished their ISO , I cannot find it on adapool.org or daedalus wallet thanks

There is an N:N association between staking addresses and staking pools that these staking addresses are delegated to at any given point in time. If you want to delegate to multiple pools, you need multiple stake addresses. ADALite supports that - I don’t see how Daedalus would even come into the game (as long as you want to control your funds through Ledger, which you should).

Hi Tomdx
I can see you are strong proponent of AdaLite with ledger thanks for your help

I go with what works and is technically sound. Yes, a light client which delegates Tx signing to a hardware device that stores my private key in a special chip designed with “security first” in mind.

Tom dx thanks

Hi Alex
I get what Tomdx explained re: being able to stake to others in Adalite wallet easily
But I would like to try and use Deadalus wallet if I can,
My question is ,if I have say a few thousand ADA already delegated to a stake pool (which is visible in Daedalus wallet and Adalite) and I want to move/Transfer ADA 500 to another stake pool Can this be done ,or how do you do this procedure, thanks

if it’s a simple wallet then you can’t (at least in daedalus/yoroi). you will need to create a new wallet (bkp the seed like the 1st wallet) transfer ADA from 1st wallet to the 2nd one and delegate

you will have 2 wallets delegated to 2 pools

Alex it seems like something is missing in Daedalus for it not to have a basic and easy way to move parts of already delegated ADA from one stake pool to another without having different sets of seeds every time you want to move some ADA,
there must be a good reason I’m sure or is it fee driven thanks

Alex ahh wait, i am just trying to work this out ,is this right ,I create a new wallet protect my seed phase, then redelegate All the ADA ( from the existing stake pool )that is being delegated to the newly created wallet ,then stake back again to the original stake pool the amount I want and then stake the new stake pool with the balance is that correct Alex thanks

What? You have wallet 1 with x ADA delegated

  • create wallet 2 (bkp the seed words)
  • move from wallet 1 to wallet 2 how much ADA do u want
  • delegate the wallet 2 to the new pool

I have set another wallet up now, say I have ADA 3000 i want to split it ADA 1500 back to my original stake pool and then stake ADA1500 to another stake pool ,does this new wallet give me the ability to do this ,or how can I get the maneuverability to do this,
just to exaggerate my point if I wanted to split this ADA 3000 into three stake pools but it is initially hodl in the first one of the three ,how do i do this is there one neutral place I can move the ADA to and then spread it to whichever stake pools I want , sorry to keep asking you Alex and thank You