Moving staked ADA from Daedalus to Yoroi?

I have ADA staked in four different wallets on Daedalus (for several months). Now Daedalus is not connecting and I can’t access my ADA. I downloaded Yoroi but not finding guidance on how to transfer staked ADA. Where can I get guidance on this?


You don’t need to “transfer” anything. Your ADA is on the blockchain, neither on Daedalus not on Yoroi. If you like to do this properly, you would want to get a HW wallet (e.g. Ledger), which you can then connect to any of those clients.

You should be able to use your 24-words with Yoroi and as well.

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  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • restore using 24 seed words

You just need to restore those 4 Daedalus wallets on Yoroi by using 24 recovery phrases, one by one.
That’s all.
And you don’t need to redelegate.

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