Confused how to get current and move from Yoroi to the New Daedalus?

Hi all.

I have been holdling ADA for a long time now. Back when Daedalus was having so much trouble syncing etc. I moved my ADA to Yoroi Chrome Browser and have been sitting on ADA until I can take advantage of staking.

So here are some notes and my confusion:

  • I have Yoroi with all my ADA. - Byron Wallet
  • I have installed the latest Daedalus version.
  1. How do I move ADA from Yoroi back to Daedalus and have the latest Shelley Main Net?
  2. Do I need to something special to use Shelley and stake?
  3. Will the ADA move from Yoroi to Daedalus put everything in the most current blockchains etc?

** sorry for any misused vocabulary. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help with getting current and moving back to the New Daedalus and learning to Stake!

Hey @SLewis

Just restore your old legacy Byron Wallet with your seed in Daedalus 2.2 by clicking “add wallet” and then restore using your 15 words.


After you restored your Byron wallet you have to create a new shelley wallet and migrate all your funds to the new wallet. Just follow the promt you see there.

If you need help, feel free to ask here.



Thank you!

This makes sense and I really appreciate your quick response!

Take care!