Lost 35,000 ADA Yoroi to Daedalus

I am a Newbie and made a mistake
I just downloaded Daedalus and Restored my Shelly Yoroi Wallet to a Daedalus wallet which I just realized was a Byron wallet. The ADA was removed from my Yoroi, but never reached the Byron Wallet on Daedalus.

Where is my Ada now, and can retrieve it?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

What did u did? U downloaded daedalus and restored the yoroi wallet using 15 seed words?

Yes. I didn’t realize until too late that the Yoroi Ada was being moved to a Byron Wallet on Daedalus.

What do u mean to a byron, it yoroi it was shelley or wallet (the wallet)

Alexd1985, Thank you so much for showing concern for me. I am new to ADA and will try to explain.

My Yoroi is Shelley. The Daedalus had Byron next to the name of the new wallet.

Then it means u used the 15 seed words for byron yoroi wallet, try to use the 15 seed words for shelley

I do not have a Byron yoroi wallet. Just one Shelley.
How or where in Daedalus would I type the 15 seed words from my Yoroi?
Thank you,

Then give me more infos, which steps did u performed?

I downloaded Daedalus.
Selected Restore. I created a wallet, input my Yoroi wallet seed phrase and the Ada left my Yoroi wallet…
The Ada was removed from the Yoroi Wallet and did not appear in my Daedalus wallet.
I just checked the To:Addresses and see the words (Not Mine) prior to the address.


Ooo, a transaction was performed on yoroi? From where did u downloaded the daedalus?
Fuck, sorry man I think u downloaded a fake app and some one had access to ur wallet and moved the funds :((

is the web address.

Is the web page

Sorry about the picture,


That’s fine… and after that a transaction moved your funds from yoroi? Can u share an address from yoroi wallet?



This is one of your yoroi address from receive section? Or this is the address where ur funds were sent?

The is the sent address from my Yoroi. Would it be helpful to send my log from Daedalus?

Nope, I think I understood, u tried to restore the wallet using the yoroi seed words … restoring process doesn’t involve any transactions so I think you was hacked :frowning: (if u didn’t performed that transaction from yoroi)

On daedalus do u see anything to transactions history?

On daedalus u did:

  • restore and added the 15 seed words from yoroi right?

No, I did not.

But on daedalus it’s showing you byron or shelley wallet?