Lost 35,000 ADA Yoroi to Daedalus

I am sorry I could not respond to your last question, because I reached my limit of replies, yesterday.

To clarify, I did not see anything in transaction history, and Daedalus is showing a Byron wallet. I vaguely remember inputing the 15 seed phrase when asked, but I can’t say for sure.

Can u share a screenshot from yoroi → transactions history?

did you try to restore your wallet in a proper shelly wallet with your 15 words?

I followed the directions above.

Here is my Yoroi transaction history.

Restoring a wallet not involve any transactions; in your case it looks like some one move the funds from your wallet to another

How is this possible? I was moving Cardano between wallets.

Again… did u submited the transaction or not?

Hi. As Alex mentioned you can open the same payment address (wallet) in multiple applications, ie Yoroi desktop, Daedalus, Yoroi mobile. All applications would display the same details. There is no transaction when importing an existing wallet as it’s the same “wallet” just seen from different applications.
All the transactions are recorded in the blockchain, the wallet application just interacts with the blockchain.

Btw did Yoroi or Daedalus ask you for a spending password before the ADA was moved, and if yes which one did the move to that unknown address?

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Yes, I sent it to you around 1 pm and received a message from Cardano that it could not be opened. I resubmitted with different format and appeared to go through. I can send it again

Daedalus requested me to create a spending password. I used it with Daedalus. By the way, it took about 16 hours for Daedalus to download th Blockchain. Is that unusual.

It’s expected, Daedalus includes a full node and downloads the whole ledger.

So when doing the transaction of sending ADA 34,174.431682 to an unknown address, did you do this through Daedalus or through Yoroi? I guess the app asked you for the spending password to confirm the transaction or was there no such question?

I have sent it several times. When I get home, I will try sending it on my laptop.



I did this through Daedalus.

Did you try to move the funds intentionally or did that transaction just appear from itself? Also did you enter the spending password to confirm the transaction of 34K ADA ?

Also, I assume at this point you have just 1 wallet in Daedalus with 0 ADA in it?

Wallets section:

do you use a hardware wallet with yoroi? i highly suggest you pair a hardware cold wallet with yoroi in the future. This way any transaction has to be authorized by you.

i hope you manage to recover your funds somehow…

Thanks for the link.
That was all my Ada.
Has this happened to others?
Any suggestions in recovering my ADA

Hi. I guess it would be helpful if you can write a precise and detailed sequence of events that happened, from start to end.

We still don’t understand if you manually created the transaction by entering the address the ADA went to, or if that happened somehow automatically in Daedalus and you confirmed the transaction by entering your spending password, or if the transaction happened behind the scene without you doing anything.

i think u already know this but i’ll say it just in case.

share details of what happened yes, but don’t share recovery seed phrases, private keys, and any other sensitive info.

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