Lost 35,000 ADA Yoroi to Daedalus

to counter phishing, you can always use something like this to verify if a site is legit

i also double check just to be sure the site is correct. and once satisfied i bookmark the site for the future for quick verification for authenticity.

this is to avoid accidentally going to phishing sites or downloading fake apps that only steal your crypto/recovery phrase etc.

Thanks for the info.

I had a similar experience. I opened a new Yoroi Wallet extension on Microsoft Edge and restored my Shelley Era wallet that was already on another computer using Microsoft Edge. Within 10 minutes of entering my 15 word seed phrase, I move 2 assets to my Nami wallet and found out that all of my ADA was moved to a Deadalus address.I never shared my seed phrase or password with anyone. I think this is a problem with Yoroi software and must be some kind of exploit. Did you ever recover your ADA?

How do you know that it is a “Daedalus” address? Addresses are not specific to a wallet app. They look the same for all of them.

It is, however and unfortunately, quite possible that the new computer, where you restored that wallet, was infected and got hold of your secrets once you entered them there. Either keygrabbing or screenshotting your seed phrase, when you entered it, or accessing the encrypted master key in Yoroi and keygrabbing or brute-forcing your spending password (which is the encryption key of that master key, which is derived from your seed phrase).

Yoroi does not send these secrets over the Internet, but it cannot protect against a malware that has enough access on your computer locally. No wallet app can do that for seed phrase wallets. Only hardware wallets protect a lot better.

You could look up the transaction ID on Cardanoscan to see in a little more detail what happened.

I followed the transaction from one wallet and slowly dwindled and got mixed into other wallets. It appeared as if its a big hack as many wallets were dumped and dispersed into this wallet. I had a source code tech guy look into also. I would assume if they had this level of access to my computer they would hack my other wallets as well. It turns out is was malware attached to the extension I added onto Edge.

You got the malware, when downloading from the official Edge add-on store?

Or you got Yoroi from another source? Or the malware later attached itself to that?