Unable to restore Daedalus wallet. Error while restoring blockchain addresses 222

I am trying to restore a Daedalus byron era wallet on Yoroi. I have followed all the steps.
Install Yoroi. created new shelley wallet. Claim/import wallet - Byron-era
I enter the 12 words recovery and get the following error multiple times.

“Unable to restore Daedalus wallet. Error while restoring blockchain addresses”

Here are my logs. Can anyone help please

[INFO] Yoroi v.3.9.7
[INFO] Commit: 76f5a3fbbaebe0da3858ca935fc0c80f9a534ab5
[INFO] Network: mainnet
[INFO] User Agent: { ua: ‘Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/88.0.4324.104 Safari/537.36’,
browser: { name: ‘Chrome’, version: ‘88.0.4324.104’, major: ‘88’ },
engine: { name: ‘Blink’, version: ‘88.0.4324.104’ },
os: { name: ‘Windows’, version: ‘10’ },
device: { vendor: undefined, model: undefined, type: undefined },
cpu: { architecture: ‘amd64’ } }
[INFO] Wallet public key: 28c0e0bb288d180bdf1a3d55dfe98fd887075179f007a4bd195ce2a990c537e3c772d501952af3d42e706b16105806dfb0a31c98ab8265a20fd56e882c9f25eb

[2021-02-03T18:42:50+01:00] [ws::close] CODE: 1006 - REASON: - was clean? false
[2021-02-03T18:45:59+01:00] [ws::close] CODE: 1006 - REASON: - was clean? false
[2021-02-03T19:04:19+01:00] [ws::close] CODE: 1006 - REASON: - was clean? false

Fixed it by install Daedalus Mainnet. Downloading blockchain. Restored wallet with Byron seed. Created new shelley .
Then I could send from Daedalus to Adalite


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So I need to install Daedalus on the same computer as the yoroi? And my yoroi has given me a Byron standard, am I supposed to have a Shelly, and how do I go about to change it,thanks conrad

Hi Alex, I was having the same issue. I’m uploading the Daedalus wallet now. I’m hoping to transfer to yoroi so I don’t have to restore my old wallet. I’ve been trying but it won’t sync. It went from 99.01% to 99.06 in 4 hours. It’s a new computer I erased the state directory I reload turn it off and on cancelled the McAfee firewall it just won’t restore.


Keep me updated, did u fixed the issue?
Do u have a byron or shelley wallet?

I have a Daedalus Byron and the yoroi also has Byron.

And? U will want to fix the daedalus or to use yoroi?

Also, do u have the seed words right?

I want to receive Ada from the Daedalus to my new yoroi. The yoroi message reads unable to restore Daedalus, error while restoring block chain. Yes the codes are correct.

Ok, on yoroi u will need to create a new shelley wallet:

  • add wallet (shelley era) - create wallet
    bkp the seed words because u will need it each time when u will want to restore the wallet; set the wallet name and spending password;
  • after u created the wallet click on left side claim/transfer and choose daedalus (12 seed words)


It gave me the error unable to restore. I tried it twice. I’m getting a very strong signal, though I’m tethered to my Android, could that be the issue? I can see my Ada on my Daedalus, so I assume it’s still there. It’s been sitting since 18.

Yeah, if u have a laptop/desktop u can try to install yoroi extension for chrome

As I know in yoroi for mobile u don’t have that option available

Also be aware that it doesn’t exist DAEDALUS FOR ANDROID! DAEDALUS is available only for desktop!


Thanks for the warning. I do have the extension for chrome on my new desktop and this new laptop. I turned off McAfee firewall on both and allowed for the exceptions from Daedalus on windows. Maybe my laptop security is blocking it.im trying a 3rd time to fetch addresses. It’s a strong signal, I’m sitting on the 5g thing.

U can try this for daedalus

Do u have the last version? 4.0.5?

Hi there,

I’m having a similar error come up after putting in 12 word seed for Byron wallet trying to restore to new Shelly wallet in Yoroi through Chrome extension.?

I have been unable to fully sync my daedalus wallet 4.5.2 as I think I don’t have enough RAM (8G), I have also tried adalite.io although balance comes up as zero.

Any help greatly appreciated.

what OS do you have?

Thanks for your consideration,

It’s windows 10

ok, you will need to increase the windows swap file

Follow this guide and set min 4000MB and max 6000MB; then check if daedalus will start to sync

I have set it to those parameters and fully cleared ledger and volatile file and partially cleared immutable file.

It seemed to hold connection right up to the last few sync % and then had “network connection lost - reconnecting” keep happening for hours.
I was trying to restore from an state directory file as it gave that option and I hadn’t found my 12 seed phrase until earlier today

ok, try to restart the computer… question this is the computer when u installed first time daedalus for byron?