Error while restoring blockchain address

I am trying to restore my Daedalus wallet using 12 seed words and its not working. I’m getting an error message
“error while restoring blockchain address”

Can someone please help?

12 seed words is for byron era… when u created the wallet?
Try to restore the wallet on

Yes, that is correct. I created it a while ago, got some coins and never opened it again.

Recently when I opened my Daedalus wallet, it was not syncing. The Daedalus support suggested me to download yoroi-wallet, then create a new wallet and claim/restore using 12 word Daedalus wallet. I did exactly but it’s giving me an error.

Try on (a web based wallet)

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Can I move my coins from 12 word Daedalus wallet to this lite wallet?

hmm, you can, bkp the seed words for shelley … but then perhaps u will want to move the funds back to daedalus/yoroi wallet

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