Daedalus error when attempting to restore

Dear all,

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays and staying safe.

I wanted to ask for advice, because when I have attempted to restore my wallet i get an error message “error occured” after I enter previous wallet name and password.

The odd thing is I did this yesterday and it worked and I was downloading the blockchain, but this morning my daedalus had stopped so I attempted to do it again with error message.

Any advice please?

Id recommand trying to restore the wallet via adalite.io to make sure you are using the correct seedphrase.

Hi, i have the same issue. I`m trying to restore my wallet and get error “An error occured”. Trying to enter old wallet name, new wallet name, different passwords, nothing helps. Check wallet via adalite.io, everything is fine.

P.s. sorry for bad english, it`s not my native language


Thank you for your prompt response. Seed phrase is correct as I used it the day before and have it saved somewhere secure.

It was not seedphrase I don’t think.

Thank you I had another recommendation to try this