Need help with old wallet from 2018 (Byron)

Hey all,

So in 2018 I downloaded, installed, and synced the Daedalus wallet. I have my wallet password and my 12 word seed too. I believe that this is now referred to as a Byron wallet, and we are now on Shelley (I think).

My problem is this: The Daedalus wallet is clearly broken as it just stays on ‘connecting to network’ for hours and hours and hours on end. I created a Yoroi wallet in my browser but I don’t see any options to recover a wallet using 12 words, only 15.

I also tried to download the new Daedalus wallet but the machine I am on is Windows 7 and it won’t let me install the new version.

What are my options? Is my ADA lost forever?



No, ur ada are not lost;
If u can’t access daedalus, u can use yoroi;
But only if u want to use Yoroi… because u will move ada from daedalus to yoroi…
In case u will want to ise daedalus, then u can try to fix the daedalus issue first

First bkp ur secret.key file

U can try to uninstall it

I’m afraid that neither of those options can work for me?

Yoroi can’t restore 12 word seeds, and I cannot use a reinstalled Daedalus because I am on Windows 7.

Can someone please help?

Man, u can restore the daedalus in yoroi

First, create a new yoroi shelley era wallet and bkp safely the 15 seed words

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I did this, how do I then restore Daedalus?

Do u see to the left menu claim/transfer?

press that button

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Yes I have now reimported the wallet and secure my funds.

Thank you for your help.

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you are welcome, don’t forget to delegate for 5% returns (on long term)