Problem Restoring Daedalus wallet

hi, i have the recovery phrase but when i go to add a wallet it says an error occurred. Can anyone please help me ?

What wallet do u want ro restore, byron or shelley?

its a shelley with 24 words

ok, perhaps daedalus is corrupted, can u try to uninstall and install again?
What version do u run?

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the latest 4.0.5

can i put the same recovery phrase to yoroi to give a try?

yes, u can restore daedalus in yoroi, choose add sheley era wallet, restore and - 24 words

but first try this, to delete everything and install daedalus again

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many thanks alex i ll give a try

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I am just curious what happens if you add a password which is stronger so it turns green from yellow…

alex on yoroi is everything ok now i ll try for daedalus now. again many thanks

you are welcome!

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I have same problem, still trying to restore my wallet after 1 week and still don’t work

great idea to try, hope this advice helps

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