Lost my 12 words recovery phrase

Hi everyone,

I lost my 12 words recovery phrase and somehow the Daedalus wallet won’t open again. I think it’s because I have an old version. Is there anyway to restore the wallet? I tried to look for secret.key file too, but unfortunately, I don’t think I created one. :((( The only thing I have is the paper wallet certificate. Please, someone help! :cry:

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But you sent ada to the papper wallet?


I restored my paper wallet in new version but it’s empty, so I believe I’ve sent everything to the other wallet.


Sorry to hear this; Unfortunately all u can do for the moment is to try to think where did u stored the security phrase, maybe you wrote on a paper and u puted in a secure place…

I know IOHK working to a version which allow to restore your wallet from a previously version in case you lost the recovery phrase (based on secret.key file) … but for the moment is not available;

More details here


Oh, ok I’ll have to wait and try. Thanks so much for your help :+1: :+1:

Similar problem here, cannot login with the old daeadalus wallet but i got 11/12 words of my passphrase - is there a way to bruteforce out the missing word?

Thx and best regards

Yes, there is a way;
Do u know which word is missing?

I have similar problem on my Yoroi wallet. I have 12 words for pharases but yoroi want to me 15 words. Is there any solution ?


If u have 12 seed words it means u have a Daedalus Byron wallet not Yoroi!
You can restore it in Yoroi by creating a new shelley Yoroi wallet and then restore the byron wallet inside


Hello Alex,

No im sure. My wallet was shelley and also now delegated at pool. I know if it was byron i cant stake

Right, but if it’s shelley then u should have :

  • 24 seed words Daedalus shelley wallet
  • 15 seed words Yoroi shelley wallet;
  • hw wallet and no seed words required;


You are right i think these words missing. Because i havent got any kind of different wallet. If i miss 3 words of that can i take my account back and How ?

I think will be very hard and will take time (anyway I can’t help u) to find the 3 missing words… because u don’t even know which are missing… from the beginnin, or from the end…

Hi, I have got such a unpleasant problem couse the device where i had my daedalus recovery phase broke down. I am logged in to my wallet, know password. Is it possible to recover my “recovery phase”?
I would be grateful for answer.


Hi, since you know your spending password, you can create a new wallet and then send your funds there. Best of luck.

How do I see my 15 word recovery phrase on Yoroi wallet I have access to it on my phone.

you can’t!
you can try to move your ada to another wallet if u remember the spending password!
Have u lost the seed words for your wallet?


hello, i have a similar problem i wrote the 8th word wrong all of rest of the words are right and im not sure what to do to recover my wallet

Here is the list of valid words, in case that helps.

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I have the same problem. I only have 12 words for the Yoroi wallet.
Because that’s all I got. The ADA is staked in the Yoroi wallet.
Did you find a solution to the problem?