Recover shelley wallet after deleting everything and reinstalling and no 24 word recovery phases

Hi, I deleted everything with daedalus and reinstalled it because for days it wasn’t connecting to network, I recovered with 12 word phrases and it shows a transaction to a shelley wallet, I don’t have the 24 words I don’t think I ever wrote it down. I have the password and evidence that this is my wallet, what can I do? I’m freaking out like seriously, checked everywhere for the 24 words, I don’t know it was a year ago this shelley wallet was created and I was staking it without problems and logging in for over a year without the 24 words.
I thought the shelley wallet was connected to the byron wallet but it’s not showing up, I contacted iohk support but it’s weekend now so I’m hoping I can get some answers.



Indeed, the 12 seed words is for byron wallet; perhaps the transaction u are talking was performed last year when u moved the funds to shelley wallet in order to delegate
That is meaning that u created a shelley wallet which has a 24 seed words
U must have it somewhere because u couldn’t create the shelley wallet (there was a step when it asked for the seed words in order to finalize the creation of the shelley wallet)


I swear I looked everywhere, moved alot I write alot aswell so some notebooks are gone but my shelley wallet was connected to my byron wallet, I never used the 24 word phrases ever I got in.
It has over 70k in it that’s why I’m freaking out.

Thanks for your response.

U need the 24 seed words, sorry :frowning:
I guess u don’t have a ledger or trezor wallet right?

I do but they’re not in it no.

They have to be able to help me recover it, I have all the transactions and info.

Nobody has access to your wallet;
try to connect the ledger on ( keep the ledger live and cardano app open)

I never used ledger for cardano, no point

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Aaaa ok then

So I’m basically screwed. Half my portfolio gone.

Try to search the seed words, I am sure u bkped it somewhere safe

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Looked everywhere, drained and exhausted lol, I checked all notebooks it’s not in there.

I heard this before from orher people and after few days they managed to find it; so relax, calm down a bit, try to think… perhaps u made a photo, or u saved on email, etc

Looked at all my pictures and notebooks the computer phone, iohk has to be able to help somehow I don’t believe they can’t access it since it’s on the blockchain.

Only 12 and 27 words, I have the address, can I try guessing till I make it with the 24 words?

27 words are for paper wallet, did u tried to restore it? Perhaps u used paper wallet

I have the address, can I try guessing till I make it with the 24 words?

If it was that simple…

Alex, I have the roaming files still on my computer, the wallets are in it can I restore it?

U can try it

Man, this is a serious problem. Thanks for raising up. Man, after getting the solution, would you mind to share it over here, please.

Yes, for sure.

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