Recover shelley wallet after deleting everything and reinstalling and no 24 word recovery phases

I’m doing a disk recovery thing called disk drill to try to recover the deleted files also recuva, what am I looking for though?

any of these of value?

I don’t know…try to restore all

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I did those that are daedalus, do I drop them in the existing daedalus folder randomly? I’m getting my old laptop where I have shelley testnet wallet and maybe 24 phrases also, otherwise I go to a psychic medium haha

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I don’t know the daedalus folder structure :frowning:

What kind of file is the daedalus secret.key file what’s it’s size so that I know what to look for. The old laptop didn’t have shelley so it was before.
Support asked for the log files and I sent them, I’m just waiting now.

Does these two look like private.key file?

Looks like I am in the same boat. I have my 15 words phrase and also have my spending password. I can access the Byron wallet and see the outgoing transaction through which I transferred ADAs to Shelly wallet and staked there. I never was given any other recovery phrase while creating Shelley wallet I swear.
Now my phone got formatted and I am trying to recover my Shelley wallet but can’t see my ADAs anywhere. Please help. Please.

You are using yoroi right?

Try to verify the 15 seed words on

If u can see the balance on then the seed words is fine


I can trust right? Also I can see the transactions in Byron. It doesn’t mean that the 15 words phrase is correct?

You can trust;

If this seed words restoring the byron wallet then u need the seed words for shelley wallet which u created to move the funds from byron wallet

Or maybe u are using a ledger/trezor device and in this case u will not need a seed words

I try on and will get back to you. Thanks

But if this 15 seed words is restoring the byron wallet in yoroi then, u don’t need to verify it on

Try to search for another seed words which should restore the shelley wallet

Adalite is showing 0 Balance. I just have this one set of 15 word seeds. Do I have to get 24 word seed or there could be another 15 word for restoring Shelley as well?

If u moved the funds to a daedalus wallet then u should have a 24 seed words;
If u moved to yoroi wallet then u should have a 15 seed words

But I am sure I saved this 15 word seed when I shifted to Shelley wallet from Byron on Android and staked.

As u can see this seed words is restoring the byron wallet… try to find the other seed words; u should have it somewhere stored

I have another password saved in my file. It may be spending password or something else. would it help recover my funds somehow?

Nope, u will need the seed words

I am starting to sweat now my friend. Don’t have any other seed. I am really good at saving seeds and passwords. I got the same seed saved over to 4 locations and all the files were created the same date and time on which the transfer was done in Byron. The app on android might have not provided any other seed while transferring to Shelley.