Trying to Recover Cardano from Shelley wallet

Hi All,

I moved my Cardano from my old Byron Migrated wallet to a new Shelley wallet. I did set a new spending password. But that’s not working. I don’t have the recovery phase for the new Shelley wallet. But I do have the recovery phrase for the old byron migrated wallet. What are my options for recovery my ADA. I wish I never moved it to the new shelley wallet :confounded:

Hi @Emily-Ma ,

  • So you have moved your ADA to the new Shelley wallet right?
  • When you created the new wallet, did you write down the seed phrase (24-words)?
  • Try to remember and test again your spending password

If you don’t have the seed phrase, you could not create a new spending password. So, what I suggest is trying again your spending password at the moment (try lots of combination that you remember).

Hope you can successfully find the spending password, then just create a new Shelley wallet (write down the seed phrase) & move your ADA to the new wallet.

Good luck!

Hi Andre,

When I created the shelley wallet I did not see a place where it every asked me to write down the keys. I
assumed it would have been same as Byron. I entered the same pending password as my old Byron Wallet. It is just not working. I am very good about security with my crypto. What are my options? There are no ways to reverse Cardano back to the Byron wallet?
A way to retrieved the keys from my computer ?
Thanks for the help.

Hello Emilly

Everytime when a new wallet is created byron or shelley daedalus provides u the seed words (for shelley is 24 seed words)… then it ask u to write again the seed words… so are u sure u didn’t saw the seed words for the shelley wallet?

after this step they ask for the name of the wallet and spending password;

Indeed if u have a hardware wallet like trezor or ledger no seed words is require/provided

Without the spending password u will can’t transfer ur ADA; u can reset the spending password only with seed words

So yeah, try the spending password maybe few characters were mixed… maybe a space… maybe the keyboard language was in another language, etc


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Adding to @Alexd1985 question, where did you create your Shelley wallet? Using Yoroi or Daedalus? Thank you.

Thank You Gentlemen!!!

I looked at my 2nd paper backups I had in my car. And I did write down the Shelley Wallet Spending password. And I just Moved my Cardano into another wallet and started Staking.

Thanks so much for the help.

Congrats @Emily-Ma :beers: Happy staking!


I have been a on board with Cardano since 2017.
It has a bright future.
Thanks Again to you and Alex!!

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