Problems from Byron to Shelly

Hi! I have a big problem. Want to jump from byron to shelly. I created a shelly wallet, now I want to send the ADA. But there´s “invalid password”. I´m 100% sure that the password is correct. Anybody here how know what to do? Anybody with the same Problem?


When moving from Byron to Shelley you don’t create a new wallet, you migrate the existing one on Byron, to Shelley.
ADA is automatically transfered.



U need the spending password for Byron wallet when you try to move ADA to shelley wallet.
If u can’t use ur password, then you have the possibility to restore the wallet. But for this u will need the seed words for Byron wallet. Do you have it?
What wallet are u using?


I have everythin, password and seed words. I use Deadalus.

correction, sorry for confusion

!! it seems is not possible to restore your daedalus byron in yoroi directly!!..

You have 2 options.

Claim/Transfer ADA to Yoroi shelley wallet

You need first to create a shelley wallet in Yoroi and after that click on claim/transfer from Byron

you can find how to… here:

BUT ADA from byron will be added to the new yoroi shelley wallet… and than you must transffer ADA to Daedalus wallet… so perhaps it’s better to do it directly in Daedalus:


Restore the wallet in Daedalus:
check first your seed words :

if the seed words is fine then you can delete and restore the byron wallet in Daedalus


Where exactly do you migrate? I recovered my old wallet in Daedalus 3.3.0 and it is marked as a Byron wallet, but I see no area to migrate it to a Shelley. I’ve read some posts that say you get prompted, but I haven’t had that experience either. Would like to move to Shelley and start staking.

My reply was about migration in Yoroi.

I do not use Daedalus, and altough the OP doesn’t mention wallet spec it must have been about Yoroi. Or else I wouldn’t reply.

Can’t help you if you’re using Daedalus. Altough the post below mine does explain it’s process.


because daedalus doesn’t detect any shelley wallet created. Did you created one?
If not create a new shelley wallet in daedalus, set the wallet name and spending password then

bkp very carefully your 24 seed words !

after you will see in your byron wallet a message (move your ada to shelley wallet) press that button, choose the shelley wallet, enter your spending password for byron wallet… .and press ok
Now all ADA should be located in shelley wallet.

If you have question, feel free to ask.

Happy delegation!

Thanks for the reply. I have created a Shelley wallet, tested, and backed up the seed words. But I don’t see a button to move my ADA to the Shelley wallet. Daedalus says it is 100% synced.

U don’t have this warning in byron wallet?


No, I never received that prompt. In fact, my Daedalus looks a little different than yours.

Strange, if u go to send or more section nothing shows?
Can u reload daedalus or just for test can u create another byron wallet?


How do I create another Byron wallet? When I go to create it only gives me the option for a Shelley. I’ve closed and reopened Daedalus a few times. I’ve also deleted my Byron wallet and recreated it with the seed words.

then… .wait few minutes to check in version 3.3.0

Sorry, looks like I’m missing something here. Appreciate your help.

Ok, I see that in 3.3.0 no more red banner but u have now the send option … can u try to send 1-2 ada to ur shelley address to test if it’s working?

That worked. I figured that would be my last option, but if there were a transfer option I would use that first. Thanks for your help

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You are wellcome!

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Hi, I have the same issue than [pendragyn], but I did not succeed to send them from Byron wallet to Shelleys wallet.
I got the message that my password is not correct… could you confirmed that the password is from the wallet to send and not the wallet to receive?
What can I do?
I am on deadalus 3.3.2…with one wallet shelleys with some ada and another wallet with Byron mentionned. The red bar has disappear to move to shelleys.


Yes, you will need the spending password for byron walllet;
The red banner dissapeared but now u have the send tab in byron wallet