Problems from Byron to Shelly

How’s that? I had to restore in Byron in a new Daedalus wallet and it did not automatically move me to Shelley. It indicated I had to create a new Shelley wallet. Now I’m not sure how to move my Ada from the Byron wallet to the Shelley wallet? If I send and receive it taxes me, which makes no sense. So, how do you move from a Byron wallet to a Shelley wallet in Daedalus?

You need to have created the shelley wallet in daedalus (bkp the seed words - 24 for daedalus)
Then go to shelley wallet - section receive and copy one address
Then go to byron wallet - section send and paste the shelley address

U will pay only the transaction fee

First time try with a small amount!


Thanks, I had noticed I could do that approach. I wasn’t sure that was the only approach given, that it wants a transaction fee. Death and taxes.

The only sure things. :wink: