Imported Byron Wallet to Daedalus Flight, now what?

I updated my Daedalus Byron version wallet to the new Shelley version and a week or so later the wallet would not open—I get a long error message. I set up a Yoroi wallet as a Google extension and tried to restore my Shelley version wallet with my 24-word recovery phrase—I received a 0 balance. I installed Daedalus Flight and used my 12-word recovery phrase (Byron version) and imported my wallet to Daedalus Flight—all of my transactions and ADA are there. I am at a loss for what to do next. Should I delete the Yoroi wallet and create a new one with my 12-word phrase? Should I uninstall my old Daedalus wallet, delete all files and install the most recent version and use my 12-word recovery phrase? I am confused by all of this and I just want to have my ADA in a safe place that allows me to stake it for a long period of time. Thank you.

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Hi @cryptomini ,

So to make it clear. In the past, you have Daedalus wallet (Byron era) right?

You want it to be Shelley era & you want to stake it?

First, create a new Daedalus/Yoroi wallet (Shelley era). Then transfer from your old Byron wallet to the new Shelley wallet.

See the instruction here → Cardano Shelley: How to delegate from the YOROI wallet | by | Medium.

Hope it helps. Then stake your Shelley wallet era to one of the stake pool.

I had a Daedalus wallet (Byron era) and updated it to Shelley then it crashed. I have a 12-word recovery phrase from Byron era and a 24-word recovery phrase for the updated Shelley era.

I created a new Yoroi wallet Shelley era with my 24-word recovery phrase and no ADA is there.

I then downloaded Flight and imported my wallet using my 12-word recovery phrase from Byron era.

Therefore, I now have a Flight wallet with all of my ADA using my Byron recovery phrase and I have a Yoroi wallet using my Shelley era 24-word recovery phrase, but it has no ADA in it.

This is why I am confused as to what to do.

Thank you for helping.

U need to move ADA from byron to shelley wallet first:

  • go to byron daedalus wallet and press send tab
  • go to yoroi shelley wallet to receive tab
  • copy the address from yoroi receive tab
  • paste the address in daedalus byron wallet to send
  • send 10 ADA for test
  • check if ADA were received on yoroi
  • if yes, delete the yoroi wallet
  • restore again the shelley walet on yoroi (using 24 seed words)
  • if u see the 10 ADA inside the wallet then it means u bkped correctly the seed words and u can send all funds from daedalus byron to shelley wallet (repeat first 6 steps)
  • go to delegation center and delegate your ADA for rewards


Hi Alexd1985,

I did exactly as you suggested and everything worked perfectly!

Thank you so much for your assistance.

All the best

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You are welcome,

happy delegation!