Transfer from a 15 word Byron- standard wallet to a new Shelly- standard wallet?


I have some ADA in a Yoroi wallet. It is a Byron - Standard Wallet with 15 words seed phrase.

I created a new Shelley - Standard wallet to transfer my ADA to it.

When I hit ‘claim/transfer’ from my new Shelley wallet, I get a choice of Byron-era wallet or Shelley-era wallet. When I choose, Byron-era wallet, the next screen asks me for a 12 word Daedalus recovery phrase.
The problem is, my Byron-era wallet is a 15 word recovery phrase, not 12 words.

Do I need to do something different to recover & claim/transfer my Byron-era wallet to my new Shelley wallet?

When I choose “claim/transfer” in Yoroi, there are two tabs on top: “Legacy Daedalus Wallet” and “Icarus/Yoroi Wallet”. With “Icarus/Yoroi” you have the choice for a 15-word recovery phrase.


Thank you - let me try this option.

Hey HeptaSean,

Your recommendation worked perfectly, thanks!

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