How to restore Deadelus paper wallet in Yoroi Byron-Era 27 words?

I’m trying in Yoroi to add a wallet (BYRON-ERA - DEPRECATED) and then the option RESTORE WALLET I’m trying to restore a Deadelus paperwallet with the 27 words seed phrase but it says “Phrase is too long” so I can’t proceed. Finally I just want to transfer the funds from the Deadelus paperwallet in a Shelly era Yoroi wallet so I can delegate to a stakepool. Has anybody a guide how to do this the easiest way?

I am not sure if you can restore Daedalus 27-word paper wallet using Yoroi, but it is pretty easy when using Daedalus. In Daedalus just create a 24 word Shelley wallet first, then restore your 27-word paper wallet, once restored just transfer your ADAs to your newly created Shelley wallet.

You need to follow the steps below for Yoroi:

  1. Create new wallet, see screenshot references here. Carefully note down the new mnemoncis.
  2. Click Claim/Transfer Byron wallet , see screenshot references here
  3. Under Legacy Daedalus Wallet select Daedalus Paper Wallet.

Hi Thanks for the reply, I’m using a Yoroi Shelly wallet on the mobile phone so I don’t get the menu bar on the left hand side. I don’t have the option 2. Click Claim/Transfer Byron wallet.

Ok thanks, well if that’s the only solution there is, I’ll have to go for that.

You only have that option in Yoroi Chromium extension. You can createna new shelley wallet , follow instructions above to import Daedalus paper wallet funds to it…and then open the same new wallet on mobile app

Ah OK clear, thanks for the help :+1: