I need help for my yoroi wallet

I formatted my pc. I wrote down 12 phrases from yoroi. But anyhow yoroi want 15 words from me. I got just 12 and ı know it was shelley wallet and Also i can see all details about my cardanos. I know pool and stake key, wallet key and also spending password. I want to take back my invesment please help me :frowning:

Yoroi has always used 15 word seed. It is possible you’re confusing your old Daedalus Byron seed with Yoroi. The fact that you’re confident that you were using Yoroi (and I assume you are talking about address starting with addr ) makes me believe you’re simply forgetting that you had upgraded from Byron to Shelley wallet and had to preserve new seeds.

You’re your own bank, and you control the seed to your funds.

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Thanks for answer. I didnt use daedalus before. I created my yoroi wallet in 2021. It is not possible to be byron and I remember it was shelley. Maybe my phrases wrong or i write wrong. Anyway is there any solution to restore my account or not without phrases.

No, you need to know the phrase. None of the official wallets provide 12-word seed to create (since start of Shelley).


after you created the shelley wallet you received the 15 seed words; you clicked next step and now you must wrote again the 15 seed words in order to confirm that you wrote well all 15 words…

My question is how did you go through this step if you wrote only 12 words?