How to restore wallet in Yoroi with 12 phrase

Hi. I have 12 phrase wallet which I want to restore in yoroi. But Yoroi is giving options of 15 or 24 phrase wallets to recover. The Daedalus wallet is taking ages to sync and I need immediate access to my ADAs.I would really appreciate if anyone could guide me how to restore 12 phrase wallet in yoroi.

It’s a byron daedalus wallet, try to restore on … much faster

after that u can create a new shelley wallet on yoroi (BKP the 15 seed words) and send the ADA from to yoroi shelley wallet

!!! First time try a small amount for test !!!

Thank you for the reply. Is official from IOHK? I visited that but was not sure if I should enter my 12 phrase to that site?

Then, if u have concerns do it on yoroi… create a new byron yoroi wallet and then you must import the daedalus byron wallet is safe as long u are on official site