Unable to see my wallet 12 words

from yesterday i cant see my wallet, now i have only my 12 words to recover my wallet and they are asking me for 15 words…

You might want to restore your wallet via adalite.io.

Hi @Henry_Davila,

No worries. 12 words recovery phrase is created by the daedalus wallet and refers to a Byron ara wallet.
You have 2 options here:

  1. install daedalus full node wallet (it downloads the whole blockchain) and restore your wallet and select byron wallet to use your 12 word recovery phrase
  2. go to adalite.io and restore your wallet there and just select the 12 word option.

If you want to stake your ada (which of course you want :smiley: ) you must have a shelly wallet (new current ara). To do this create a new shelly wallet and carefully store the 24 words. now transfer a small amount from your recovered byron wallet to your new shelly wallet. If this works send the rest and then you can also stake your ada.

In case you would like some more information about staking:
Staking blogs

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i did try daelus and doesn’t show my balance, adalite.io neither how this is posible?! yesterday it was all fine in my cell phone app. Please Help !!!

Ah if you used Yoroi Mobile you probably have to restore your wallet in Yoroi Mobile aswell.

i try but they are asking me for 15 words and i only have 12 words…

The only wallet that uses a 12 words recovery phrase is daedalus, Byron. So you must have initially created a daedalus byron wallet and sent your initial ada to that wallet.

Then you have created a yoroi mobile wallet. Right? When you did this you created a new wallet with a 15 words recovery phrase. I think you then have sent your ada from byron-daedalus to your mobile-yoroi. Correct?

You can confirm this if you restore your byron wallet in daedalus or adalite and go to transactions. you should see transactions even if your balance is zero.

If these assumptions are right your ada is no longer in your byron wallet but moved to your yoroi wallet. When you created your yoroi wallet you MUST have written or screen shotted your yoroi 15 words recovery phrase. Think hard. you must have those somewhere. maybe saved it in your phone images?

Let us know if anything as stated above is incorrect so we can try to help you further.

no when i create the account was from the phone, Yoroi app with 12 words, then yesterday despair, there is nothing in transactions like if was a new wallet. y can restart the wallet with the words en Daelalus and adalite but doesnt show me any balance.

Ok so the only time you created a wallet was on yoroi app? And you have not deleted the app. it is still there? and you don’t see ANY transactions? they maybe there is a sync issue with yoroi. This happens some times.

But still using your recovery phrase on adalite.io you should see transactions.

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First of all, ur wallet was shelley or byron? Yoroi use only 15 seed words (byron or shelley)

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sorry was my fault i mixed the tags in mi book, put metamask <—> Yoroi was all my fault, thank you very much for the support.