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Hi all,

Its been a while since I installed the deadalus wallet from cardano on my MacBook. I deposited couple hundred of ADA coins to stake my ADA. I want to withdrawal my tokens now to binance but to do that, I need my password to send. Unfortunately I forgot my password but I have my recovery phrase words. The problem now is that I have 15 words writing down but the wallet ask me to fill in 12 words. Can somebody help me with this ? How can i fill in the 15 words without asking for 12…

Thanks !


Yes, 15 seed words is for yoroi wallet, try to restore on yoroi chrome extension


Thanks, I will try to do that!

i have an old daedulus rewards wallet and it says this:
itn wallet is back 06/26/2020.after a short period of downtime daedulus rewards has now been updated to work with upgraded incentivised testnet network… download daedulus at

I want to view my rewards(when I click download daedulus at, it is confusing and i dont see anything that solves my problem.)

does this mean my wallet is not updated so rewards cant be viewed?

i say this because, when i try to recover my rewards in the updated daedulus mainnet wallet(which i recently downloaded after i deleted my old daedulus wallet…i haven’t viewed anything since 2019 or so ) by using pig button, it says rewards are not there
CAN SOMEONE ADVISE THANKS. i know the keyword phrase is correct. i used it a long ti e ago, and wrote it down twice


try to download the new daedalus flight (I see the new daedalus for mainnet wasn’t released yet)


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Hi Alexd1985,

Thanks for your reply. I installed the yoroi chrome extension and restored my wallet with the 15 word phrase. But i don’ t see my coins, it says empty. Any other steps or things i can do?


How u restored?
As a byron or as a shelley wallet?


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Thanks for your quik reply.

As byron like my old deadlus wallet.

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and do u see any transactions history?
can u try as shelley? maybe u moved meantime in shelley wallet.
If not, perhaps u have another seed words for byron daedalus wallet (12 seed words)


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i tried Shelley wallet but this is what it says: Error while generating transaction.

Reward address is empty.

The problem is that i forgot my sending password… the deadalus wallet works fine and im able to send my tokens. I can see my tokens right there. is there any way i can use my 15 words recovery phrase in deadalus wallet instead the 12 words.

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nope, but… if u go in daedalus to receive
can u share here an address?
to check if it is byron or shelley?

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ok, so it’s shelley wallet.
you restored yoroi 15 seed words in yoroi - add wallet - shelley wallet - restore right? And no funds
in this case u will need 24 words for daedalus
or … do u have a HW wallet?

i tried that… the wierd thing is that he says: reward adress is emty

When i installed the wallet i only got 15 words…

soo… u have the ada in daedalus but u can’t move them because u don’t know the spending password

try to search for 24 seed words

Yes correct, and i restored my wallet in the yoroi chrome extension few steps before.

ok, but ada are on daedalus. u must find the seed words (24 words) or the spending password.


Hi Alex,

When creating my wallet, i got this: a3c238b8-22bf-4a54-8b60-d92f18296fa3 — ImgBB

It was a 15-words phrase.

yes, u claimed the ITN rewards in daedalus but before to do that u created a daedalus wallet if I’m not wrong…

OK. I saw the image… hmm wait.

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Yes i created the daedalus wallet, when creating i got these 15 words if i remember correctly. After that i sended the ADA tokens from Binance to that wallet.