Help restoring Daedus wallet

Hi everyone! I had ADA on a Daedus desktop wallet in late 2017 then that computer died and I now have a new one. I saved my 12 word recovery phrase and just downloaded the new Daedus wallet and entered phrase and it just brings up this same page after verifying the blockchain that shows 3 options only: Create, Pair, and Restore. I enter my 12 word code into the restore option and it asks me to enter a username and password and every single time I enter password it says An Error Occurred. Pasword must be 10 symbols or more.
Ugh! my password is always more than 10 symbols so this makes no sense. please if anyone can help me resolve this and find a way to access my ADA I’d be so grateful. not a very user friendly wallet experience.

Hey @Lakshmi

You probably should contact the IOHK support in that case : IOHK Support


Download daedalus from official site, go to restore, enther ur phrase wallet, set ur username and password (password should be more than 10 characters… but use uppercase, lowercase, special characters, etc

After that u need to sync ur wallet

good luck, after that delegate ur ada for rewards

thank you Fabian. I sent them a message and they sent this back to me and I don’t know where to find this. when I open the Daedus mainnet on desktop I’m not seeing this.

here is the message of what they asked me to send them:

In order to better assist please attach " cardano-wallet.log" files you find, they are located: (Daedalus Mainnet/Logs/pub).


Im not sure if they mean those logs but you will find some logs to download via Daedalus → Help → Download Logs