Old Daedalus Wallet

I have not used the Daedalus Wallet on my PC since early 2018. When i try to open it now it will not connect to the network. the version is 1.0.3769. does this version still work and if not do i need to delete it and reinstall it. if this is the case will i lose my ADA. I do have a 12 work recovery password. Will this have ever changed as i cant verify it as the wallet wont open.

Thanks in Advance for any support that you may be able to offer

You need to install new version, but before to delete make sure that your recovery words are valid… you can try to restore your wallet in yoroi chrome exttension in mobile app

U can use yoroi wallet aswell; but be sure you are downloading from trust source

www.cardano.org (link changed as we can’t verify it is legit)

Also check my project; maybe you will support us by delegating your ADA for rewards

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Alex, thanks for the reply! I am now trying to restore my wallet using Yoroi. Problem is it is asking me for either a 15 word or 24 work recovery phrase. I only have a 12 phrase recovery password. Do you have an ideas?

Yes, try on adalite.io to recover your wallet

I saw u can do it with 12 words


If everything is ok then u can upgrade ur daedalus wallet

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how can you go to your wallet 1.1.1538 other than those methods that are already described on the Internet? I installed new version 3.0.0 and wanted to sync wallets - but nothing came of it
I don’t even remember in 2018 whether I needed a phrase from the words, because I didn’t see this problem, everything worked and I only have access to this wallet on the screen. what can I do help me please?

Please contact IOHK Support for that case.


when u created the wallet they provide you a security phrase in case you are going to restore ur wallet. Do you have that security phrase provided? if not then in order to not loosing your ada, you should contact IOHK support and they will guide you

applied, no one answers
I get the impression that it’s not a serious organization, isn’t it so difficult to help?
this is the face of the project

don’t forget that when you created the wallet you agreed that you made a copy of that security phrase; If you lost the security phrase than it’s not IOHK fault.

maybe I’m writing in the wrong place? help me if not difficult, provide a path or a direct link? can you formulate the question correctly, too, you will help, I write through a translator, it seems to me that the meaning is lost

ok, do you have or do you don’t have the security phrase?

I can’t remember did it or not

there is a password to enter 1.1.1538 and my computer on which I did not even reinstall Windows so as not to lose access

the fact is that if for some reason I reinstalled Windows or unintentionally deleted the wallet then I agree with you about the phrase and it is needed, but in a different case - I just did not enter my wallet for a long time and when the time came it is no longer supported
well, there must be an exit, the project is serious, I didn’t even think that I could not enter

The idea it that your daedalus is to old, and you need to upgrade to the latest version BUT if you don’t have/remember the security phrase for restore it I will NOT recommended to upgrade it.
I know IOHK working to release a version for this kind of incidents (to restore the wallet based on your old files from your computers).

You should be patient and wait for un update.

I understand that I can’t even lose my computer … thank you for your answer and where can I follow this news tell me?

because things have changed since 2018… new versions, etc… be patient and you will be able to recover your wallet BUT do not reinstall your windows or do NOT delete your wallet

thanks if it really turns out to be true the project will have a great future and I was not mistaken in its choice

A lot of things changed in 2020 alone, not to mention in the last few years…
Old Daedalus you were using has been replaced by Daedalus Mainnet and there is no wallet migration option besides using your 12-word recovery phrase.
We will be adding an “import” feature which will enable you to restore your wallets from the state directory of the old Daedalus installation. This, however, has to be first developed by the Adrestia team on the cardano-wallet side in order for us (Daedalus team) to be able to add it into Daedalus.

so the team is working to solve this “issue” soon. Do not delete your wallet folders or reinstall ur windows… be patient.

the main thing is that the guys and you succeed, solving such issues you become more attractive than other projects and trust will grow Thank you for the pleasant conversation


i found 12 words what actions!!!

what exactly should i do in adalite app and what result should i get?