Issue recovering Byron era wallet

Hi All,

I have an issue recovering old cardano wallet created with deadalus wallet back in late 2017.
The last version of wallet I see on my old PC is v1.7.11.
I have the recovery phrase and the spending password + secret key file.
Unfortunately the recovery phrase does not work for me. I have no idea why, it is rejected. I might have done some mistake writing it down back then but it seems very unlikely. I get an incorect phrase error when I type it.
The wallet recovery option for daedalus is postponed and recently they have edited the thread:

and included a clause:
We are looking into the possibility of implementing an alternative option (the wallet import functionality), however this is not guaranteed to work for everyone, especially for users running very old Daedalus versions.

It does not seem to be comforting to me :slight_smile :slight_smile: .

Anyways I was looking for some other options to recover my wallet.
I have tried Yoroi - there is an option to recover the wallet using unencrypted master key but I do not know how to get to the unencrypted master key from my wallet.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you in advance!


You must wait till IOHK will provide a solution to recover ur wallet if you don’t have the seed words … there is no ETA for the moment…

U can try to restore ur wallet on perhaps there will work;

Be sure to be on real… not a scam one


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Thank you, but is there any way to decode the key from my secret file?

If you have the recovery phrases (mistyped or replaced /w very similar word), I would suggest first try out to figuring out what did you wrong when you was saveing the 12-word recovery phrases.

Use this official BIP-0039 wordlist to compare with your 12 words, as only these words (and some of their combinations) are valid to reconstruct the entropy, that can be used for trying to recover your wallet.

Assuming, the order of the words are correct, because you would need some factorial number of tries for different order.

Thank you Ilap
I have used the BIP0039 word list to verify my pass before. It is unlikely I got an incorrect order of the words. anyways I will do some tries.

Do you know an address of that wallet that holds ada? Because, in that case, I probably would be able to help, by modifying some part of this gist (even you can do it alone).

Thanks again Ilap,
I can try this one, but need some time to set up, since my programming and linux skills are close to zero. ;).
I thought I could use the solution that Yoroi provides:

But I did not find a tool to get my key unencrypted.
Is there any way you know?

That’s for Yoroi, with 15-word recovery phrase, old Daedalus use 12-word mnemonic, with very different key and address derivation.

No, it clearly says it works with unencrypted master key from daedalus. I found this thread that seems helpful.

I will give it a try.

I have successfully used this method to get my wallet resorted. Spending password is required.

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I am so happy for you, happy delegation!