Please help me recover my wallet!

I made a byron era yoroi wallet and had it saved on my extension on google chrome. a few months later I had to factory reset my laptop and completely forgot about the yoroi wallet. I re installed the yoroi extension and my wallet was gone. I don’t know the recovery phrase since I didn’t right it down when it generated so is there a way that my extension some how saved my wallet? Is there a way to recover my previous yoroi extension and my wallet would be there or would I have to re log in with the 15 word phrase after re installing extension?

Hi @svcrypto

You need to have your seed phrase to recover your wallet. But maybe another forum member could help you with Byron wallet recovery using secret key.

Thank you for the fast response, what is a secret key? I don’t have the 15 words so the only options I have are limited so I’m hoping that the extension saved my wallet


Try to read this topic then:

You probably want to submit a request here if you dont have your seedphrase : IOHK Support


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If he never had daedalus I think he can’t restore the wallet in daedalus using import option, but …
everytime when a new wallet is created in yoroi u must write the seed words somewhere, otherwise u can complete the instalation because at the next step will require to insert again the seed words in order to create the wallet… so try to search in your phone, in your papers, etc.


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Hi @Alexd1985,

The problem is that @svcrypto forgot to write it down in the first place. So he is looking for another option to recover the Yoroi (Bryon era) wallet. Maybe you have any idea, if he can use the Chrome extension? I don’t know any other solution other than 15 words seed phrase.

Or hopefully like what you are saying, he must have written it down somewhere in the past. Thank you.

Thank all you guys for the responses. Andreas is right, I don’t have it written down and i’ve look at all the papers in my room but nothing. For some reason I had it in my head that I created the phrase but I guess thats not possible. The wallet was saved in my google chrome yoroi extension so I didn’t worry about it, but I had to factory reset my laptop and for some reason the extension was deleted. When I re-installed yoroi extension there wasn’t anything there. Maybe there is a way to recover an old extension with the wallet or something like that on my laptop? I have the exact amount and the date it was transferred over to yoroi from binance I don’t know if that helps?

Nope, you must have/find the seed words as I said earlier but again… if u didn’t wrote the seed words… how did you get past this step?


You couldn’t, that’s why u must check, maybe u made a photo, maybe u wrote it somewhere, try to find it…

Question… u don’t have a ledger or trezor wallet right?


I do have a ledger but it wasnt connected when I did this. And I get what youre saying cause I needed to have taken a picture or wrote it but the problem is it isn’t in my phone pictures or in my laptop pictures. I’ve looked through all my notebooks and but cant find the 15 words. DOes the ledger have anything to do with this? I didn’t have it connected or anything when i made the wallet.

Ok, but after… u moved ADA on ledger or not?


no I didn’t I never did that manually does it do it automatically if I connect the ledger? Sorry for the dumb questions but I honestly don’t know. I have the ledger for xrp

Nope, not automatically. U must install cardano app in ledger live then connect to yoroi

Sorry but the only way to access again the funds is to find the seed words

yea I never did that. What options do I have? would iohk support be able to help me?

I think not, without the seed words they can’t + u formated the laptop

I called dell support and they said that facotry reset doesn’t effect the google chrome memory or extensions for what its worth.

Then… why your extension was removed?

Thats why I’m confused as well. I had to redownload it. and I tried the microsoft edge just to see if I did it there but no extension. I just went through my computer files and I see that I accessed ledger live on the same date of the transfer is it possible its in ledger live?

Yes, try to connect ur ledger to yoroi…

If it is byron go to add wallet (byron era) - connect ledger
If it is shelley go to add wallet(shelley era) - connect ledger


I connected my ledger but it doesn’t connect. I have the cardano app installed in my ledger so I must have used it then. Do i need to be connected in the ledger live app beforehand so it can work or do I have to install cardano ledger wallet on my laptop beforehand?