[Resolved] Restoring Yoroi wallet says "Invalid recovery phrase"


This afternoon, I created a new wallet with Yoroi, in Google Chrome. Now I’m trying to restore the wallet on another PC. I type in the 15-word recovery phrase and a password and click restore but nothing happens. Then I notice that it says “Invalid recovery phrase”. I’m 100% positive that the phrase I entered is correct, could this be a bug?

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Click on the bull, which is on the top right corner and restore there. NOT FROM DAEDALUS. I did the same thing a while back. I’ll show you later how I did it when I get home because I’m on my phone.


I can’t wait for the future, where I can just pull up my wallet using my phone. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the tip but I don’t have Daedalus installed, haven’t ever used it

Did you type it case sensitive, in the correct order?

Absolutely. There really isn’t any way to mistype because the words are autocompleted (nice feature btw!). And I had to verify that I wrote them down in the correct order when I created the wallet so I’m sure that’s correct too.

What is the correct place to send a bug report to the Yoroi team? The code is not on GitHub yet, correct?

So, yeah, I wrote one of the words down wrong… Nevermind, nothing to see here…:flushed:

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Could a moderator remove this topic, please?

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Glad to hear all is OK :slight_smile: