Yoroi wallet restore doesnt work

Hi there,

i uinstall my yoroi wallet in chrome and then i installed it again.
The i wanted to backup my wallet with the 15 pass phrases which i noticed my days ago.

But it says always “false pass phrases although i wrote them down right”
Whats on there? Is there any bug?

What shall I do now?

Please help me.

Kind regards


Some common errors

  1. You accidentally typed a similar, but different word
  2. You used the right words but the wrong order. Make sure the order of the words is correct.

The same recovery phrase will work on Yoroi for Chrome and Yoroi for mobile.

Hello Sebastien,

error 1 cant be happen cause yoroi takes automatically the words.

I really wrote them exactly so down like I typed them in, I only uninstall yoroi from chrome and then I install it again, cause I wanted to try to connect the ledger.

Now there are hundreds of possibilities with the wrong order – but I still sure that I wrote down them in the right order.

It will be controlled by Yoroi after making new wallet, too

This mistake with the wrong order normally cant happen

Kind regards andre

Contact Yoroi support (support@emurgo.io) and attach a screenshot of the Yoroi screen where you’re seeing the error.

I can almost guarantee that you either wrote down your recovery phrase wrong, or you’re entering it wrong, or you’re entering it in the wrong place.

If you at least have it close enough, it’s likely that we can sort it out. :+1:

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Hi there,

Thanx a Lot.

You mean i should send a screenshot of my pass phrase?

Kind regards


Make sure you know where you’re restoring your Waller from.

If you made your wallet on yoroi use “restore from yoroi”

If you made your wallet on daedalus “transfer from daedalus”

If you have your key from your ledger your key lives inside your wallet just “restore from ledger”

Also contact the support, they are always good at helping.
Good luck!!!

I don’t think you should ever send someone a screenshot of your pass phrase… Not even the Yoroi support.

Hoorah! I just completed my transfer of all funds from Daedalus to Yoroi. The interface is simple and forgiving, allowing me to correct my errors.