I can not restore my yoroi wallet. Even with my seed frase

i hope someone can give some insight.
for some strange reason when i tried to restore my yoroi wallet it says that my seed frase is incorrect. i am pretty sure i SUPER CHECKED when i wrote them down.
i tried with other wallets but no results.
i don’t know how to recover my ADA .
please help!
thank you

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Standard wallet or hardware wallet?
Do u have all 15 words?


Yoroi chrome extension
yes i have the 15 words

Check ur words … check if u can find all here

noup, very different than mine

what do u mean? Perhaps u changed some words (order) for extra security?

u got me thinking!, maybe i did but not sure. ja!
is there any way to know if that happened or i have any word wrong?
or to enter the wallet other way?

Nope, but if u have words which are not on the list then its not ok… can u share one word which u have but its not on the list?

ok. i will check the list carefully. thank you!
is there a limit of attempts to restore the wallet?

nope… no limits

thank you!!
you’ve been very kind!

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You don’t need to restore it in Yoroi, you can use any other different wallet software to restore yours using the recovery words. I personally prefer Eternl. Other good options are Flint, Typhon or Nami.

Do you use uppercase and lowercase letters when writing?

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no, i use the autofill function on yoroi
all the words are in the list, but somehow yoroi tells me the order is incorrect .(
i am pretty sure i have the correct seedfrase. also it does not recognize my spending pasword!!!
this only happens to me in this wallet. i have other wallets for other blockchains and no problem.

There are tools to spot small errors in seed phrases:


Or my PySeedRecover:

Unfortunately, you would have to find out, how to use them yourself, since you don’t want to give your seed phrase (even with errors) to anyone. Or you find someone that you really, really, REALLY trust who does it with you, ideally on your hardware and live not over the Internet.