I'm unable to restore my Yoroi wallet even with my seed phrase

I hope someone can give some insight.
for some strange reason when I tried to restore my yoroi wallet it says that my seed phrase is incorrect. i am pretty sure i SUPER CHECKED when i wrote them down.
i tried with other wallets but no results.
i don’t know how to recover my ADA .
please help!
thank you


Try same seed words on adalite.io
Can u see the right balance here?
In case not then the seed words is wrong



If multiple wallet apps say that there is an error in the seed phrase then there is an error in the seed phrase.

There are tools to try to fix small typos:

@Aaban, when did you first create your wallet? If it was a Byron era wallet (pre-staking), it would be possible for you to try the seed in multiple wallets without it working in any.

Have you been able to restore your Yoroi yet?