Pls Help: I was restoring my Yoroi wallet and it keeps bringing up a wrong wallet (wrong address) with 0 ada

Hi All, appreciate anyone who can help.
My PC had issues and i had to reformat it. However upon restoring my Yoroi wallet, I keep getting into a wallet with 0 ADA. I checked the address from my last transfer from Binance and noticed that it was not the same wallet even though i was putting in the correct phrase. I was very careful with this and to be fair, i didnt have any issues restoring my other wallets for other crypto. Then i started reading similar problems of people missing their wallets and even more alarming is that there seems to be no solution yet or worse not enough attention put into the issue. At least some sort of FAQ, communication or helpdesk of some sort would be reassuring.

Pls help. Im absolutely deflated at the moment.

You might want to restore your wallet on because Yoroi has some syncing issues atm.

sorry I forgot to say that i did that too after reading someone suggest it in a similar post but with no luck.

Well then it seems like you are restoring the wrong wallet. Do you have another seedphrase? Like you did get a new seedphrase when you migrated from Byron wallet to Shelley wallet.

I labeled the seed phrase that i had for this wallet and was super careful. Although there is another 24 word seed that i wrote down, but it is more likely to be from the first yorio wallet that i tried to create as a test wallet. Pls tell me there is another way to restore my wallet… =(

Can you check your receiving address from the wallet you restored? do they start with addr1?

Yes they start with addr1, which at first i thought was the correct one. But then i saw a youtube tutorial saying to check the wallet address from your original transfer into Yoroi and so i did and noticed they’re not the same. And i thought for a sec that i had copied my seed phrase wrong. but then I remember vividly taking my time writing it and labelling with notes. Then i had read through similar issues as well and thought this might be a known problem.

As someone who just wants to keep it long term, i am unable to read up on updates regularly and so was unaware that yoroi had this problem.

to clarify both address from the original transfer to Yoroi and the address from the wallet that gets retrieve when i enter the seed phrase both start with addr1

Do you see any outgoing transaction from your restored wallet which arent from yourself?

Nope nothing. I checked it as well.

Well then im pretty out of options but im pretty sure that you restored the wrong wallet.

24 seed words is for daedalus, so probably u didn’t had an yoroi wallet from the begining, probably u imported the daedalus wallet in yoroi;

Try to restore the daedalus wallet

  • open yoroi
  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • restore
  • 24 seed words

will try to do that. I also came across one of your responses to a similar issue. That is to check i did just that and i saw its there (with the original address)

my ada is delegated and saw the same exact info there. Im not sure thought if that helps.

sorry, to clarify when you say “add wallet” you mean create wallet?

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You must find to wich wallet that address belongs… each wallet has it’s own seed words… everytime when u will use a wrong seed words (perhaps a single word wrong) it will create a new wallet… now it’s a simple wallet or hardware wallet?

Create wallet, anyway u should see restore option and choose 24 seed words

You can have many different addresses starting with addr1 in the same wallet. They eventually point to the same wallet as they are related to the same staking key. You can input both addresses into and check if they point to the same staking key.

Are you using a hardware wallet?

When i select “create” a wallet, and choose Shelly it gives me a new 15 word seedphrase… and there is no restore option. the process actually is to create a new wallet.

The “restore” option actually appears alongside “create wallet”.

that said, I went still went through the create process and was reminded that after you are given the 15 word seed phrase and confirmed that you had written them down, you are then asked by Yoroi to reconfirm and input the same words in the same order before moving on to the newly created wallet dashboard. This to me only reinforces the fact that i wrote the correct seed phrase otherwise i would have gotten that part of the step wrong and wouldve needed to redo the exercise.

Not ok, u must use restore option not create new wallet

not a hardware wallet. May I ask what the relevance is? for my education.

I checked the other addresses as well and only one points to the staking key. the rest are just 0 transactions.

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