Yoroi Testnet deterministic wallet creation

I ran into issues when restoring my ADA testnet wallet, when i restored with Yoroi it asked me to send it to a new address, so I did, after a few minutes of balance staying at 0 I deleted Yoroi and reinstalled, unfortunately my balance was transferred but the address was different from the one which now gets created when reinstalling and restoring. Is it possible I had an old version when sending it and would I be able to restore to that address with that old version?

I can see my original address and where it was transferred to in the Shelley explorer but as I mentioned, when I now restore the old wallet is 0ADA and the newly generated one as well, any way to get to the other wallet address that was generated? I know the recovery phrase, password, name, not sure what matters for creation but seems deterministic as I now always get the same address.

I suspect the state of the wallet influencing the newly created wallet, as I transferred my coins it’s different, can I force Yoroi to use my old wallet without the latest transaction or restore somehow else?

Issue resolved, restored with Daedalus and my ADA are back where they belong.
Happy staking everyone!!
Thanks so much @rdlrt