Sending to testnet wallet - invalid address?

Hi Guys,

I just created a new wallet using the Yoroi Ada Shelly-Testnet Chrome extension.

I want to transfer some funds into this new wallet, from another ADA Yoroi wallet, but when I enter the address of my newly created testnet wallet into the ‘Receiver’ field of the sending Yoroi wallet(non-testnet), I get a warning saying it’s not a valid address.

Does that mean I can’t send funds into the testnet wallet and rather have to restore my original Yoroi wallet into the Yoroi testnet version?

Presumably it’ll be possible to transfer funds (after the testing period?) back out of the testnet wallet once testing is complete?

After reading a few of the threads here, it seems that the Yoroi testnet is a little flaky at the moment. Is it worth waiting for it to go live rather than risking my 6-figure ADA balance in the testnet?



Yoroi is not flaky, never has been, they recruited the best in the field to work on it to get it to this point, you would not be risking any ada to play around and see what the tesnet is all about on the tesnet, your mainnet ada will remain safe, if you wait until mainnet goes live before you make a move you will be be missing a great opportunity to contribute to participating in the development of the protocol and ironing out the bugs software is known to have - dig in man - just DYOR a little and be sure that your keys are safe when you decide to play.

I’ve only used the Daedalus wallet but i don’t believe you can send funds to the testnet wallet. The only ADA you can “use” there is the ADA you held in your wallet when they took the snap shot of all the ADA balances across the network.

The ADA in the testnet is not real ADA even though the rewards are real.

Mike, you did not send REAL ADA to your tesnet wallet did you? Because that won.t work!

The testnet wallet only works with testnet ADA

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It is impossible to transfer ADA between nets. The only exception to this will be when the ITN shuts down and rewards are transferred to mainnet. Yes, to use testnet you “restore” the wallet your funds were in on Nov 29, in the ITN wallet.


HI Guys,

Thanks for the replies. After a bit of reading and snooping around, I figured out that my initial questions was a bit silly - I think the term “TESTNET” should’ve been a bit of a clue! :slight_smile:



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I generated a test address found in

Then open the Deadalus Shelly Test net to send pledge but if keep saying “An error occurred”, my assumption is the wallet couldn’t find the address, is that correct? Is this function still available?

That information is from Dec '19, way out of date, ITN is obsolete.

Thank you for quick response!

Is there a chance that I can still create a stake pool on Shelly Testnet? If yes then how I could create credentials for my pool?

I tried to find in here but seem like the documentation is quite obsolete and not enough information :frowning:

Mainnet will be operational in about 36 hours from now, I’d say that should be your goal. I mean the mainnet, not the 36 hour point. There should be no rush to create stakepools IMO, best to wait until things settle down a bit.

Thanks, really appreciate.

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