Can I send ADA from my Exodus wallet to Yoroi?

I recently got the Yoroi app and want to stake my bags of cardano on the testnet pools.

However, I do not see a deposit address for my Shelly testnet Yoroi wallet. Is it too late to send my ADA there?

Or, how do I go about loading my wallet so I can delegate?


You can’t send ADA from the mainnet to the testnet

That’s what I have kind of figured out - What would be the best way for me to stake my ADA. If you don’t mind me asking?

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If you wanna participate in the testnet, your ada had to be in yoroi or daedalus wallet at the 29th nov while the snapshot was made. if thats not the case, its impossible for your to take part of the ITN.

unless someone would send you some tADA.


I have a problem with Exodus wallet.
Apparently, my balance vanish from exodus, and my balance is 0. I staked my completely qty, but now i cannot unstake this qty.
My question is: are my funds lost or they are delegated to some pool for staking?

You have to contact Exodus support in that case.

But your ADA cant be lost to a stake pool if you delegate them because your ADA doesnt leave your wallet when you delegate them.


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