Yoroi Staking Tutorial and How to Choose a Stake Pool

Hi Everyone, checkout our new Yoroi staking tutorial. This tutorial walks through all the steps necessary to delegate your ADA (complete with screen shots). We hope it is helpful!

The Yoroi wallet provides an easy way to store and delegate your ADA without needing to install a Cardano node on your computer and wait for the entire blockchain to download. You can access your ADA and delegate it to a pool right from your phone or browser.

We wrote a step-by-step guide on how to safely setup or restore a wallet and delegate your ADA using Yoroi on our website here.

If you’d prefer to use a wallet with a direct connection to the Cardano network, you can find our Daedalus staking tutorial here.

In either case, you should also check out our posts on How to Choose a Stake Pool and an analysis on how many blocks a pool can expect to make per epoch, which we keep updated for every new epoch here.