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I would like to know the correct way to stake?
I downloaded the YOROI wallet and my cardano is there already. What’s the next correct step please ?

It seems not easy to find detailed guidline on how to stake on the testnet. Would you kindly provide a link with a tutorial?

Did anyone follow up with you guys? I’m interested in joining the network too

Hello, the best way to start is staking.cardano.org. There everything is explained and you will find the links to the wallets. If there are any questions, just post them here.

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You cannot delegate ada to yoroi, they are only delegating people who had ada in November 2019.

If I want to run a skate pool in the ff net Can I do it ? Even if I dont have ADA bought in november 2019?

So, Just to make sure. Stake delegation is not possible on Testnet unless I had coins in either of the 2 wallets prior to Nov 29 2019? or is there still away to do it prior to Main net launch?
I see no option on Yoroi downloaded via Testnet link, so I am assuming this is the case.
Please confirm

Thanks for your time

The current epoch + next epoch waiting period for delegating seems a bit excessive. Up to ten days to finalize a delegation.

is there a link where there is a step 1 …step 2 … how to delegate ADA ?
I went to yoroi … clicked download … nothing happens.

Need specific step by step what to do … please.
Thanks !

need steps … no clear instruction on this page

how owuld they know ?

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just joined to the community today and realized that nobody properly answered to these questions. As a Cardano passionate, I will try my best to support you in this journey.

First of all, in YOROI wallet, please check which kind of wallet you’ve created. Please make sure that it is Shelley standard wallet. Once your ADA is in the wallet, go to “Delegation” page. Wait a few seconds. Then, you will see delegation pools. Read and select one of the pools as you wish and click delegate.

After delegating your ADA coins, you need to wait approximately 3-4 weeks to start receiving your first rewards. This system consists of cycles called “Epoch”. In an example, you will receive the reward in Epoch 220 for the delegation that you have made in Epoch 216. Staking is a process of delegation of ADA coins to a pool. It can be perceived as a delegation of consensus power to a pool that will be creating blocks in your name and the names of other delegators. So, just wait 3-4 weeks. That’s it.

Hope this information help you guys.

Enjoy staking!
Serhat Karakaya


Hi Serhat,

Thanks for the wonderful reply. It is very clear and simple. I am new here and I find most of the information very confusion and unclear to newbies like me. I would like to participate more in the Cardano project but I am still struggling to understand how to really to proceed and who to contact.

I have to admit the some people replied to my queries and it was find, but to really get a grip about how to really participate better in the whole Cardano’s various projects is still not clear to me. THERE ARE SO MUCH INFORMATION.

Anyway, changing the topic, can you please tell me how, where and what I should be looking for about the pool I delegated my ADAs to 2 days ago ( thanks to you I now that I should wait for 3-4 weeks for receiving my first reward)?

Also, I have a charity in Africa and I would like to use my Cardano’s participation to help raise funds but I don’t know how to do it. I am also in the process of creating a Cardano information site in French. Can you please give me any advice on the best way to go about all these?


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nice information, so usefull
but im wondering about the next epoch that takes 5day, correct me if im wrong
and my question, if i continue delegating my ada for next epoch, how many rewards i’ll get?


can any one can tell me how can i see how many ada i stacking please ?

There are some details here on how to stake through YOROI: Cardano Stake Pool – BOC

Hello adatainment, The link you posted is supposed to help me learn how to stake? If so I really can’t figure it out. As far as I have read it just talked about it and a whole lot of other things. Maybe you can post a link that has a 1,2,3,4,5… steps to delegate ADA. Thank you.