Rewards and staking

I have delegated for 3 epochs but have not seen any rewards, do I have to wait 20 days ?

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In which epoch did u delegated?

For first time will be:

Delegated in epoch N , snapshot N+1, active N+2, N+3 rewards calculated, N+4 rewards receive

There should be max 20 days or minim 15 days (depending on which day in epoch N u delegated)


I delegated in 240

Hi Alex, Kevin here again, just bought some Ada for my fiancé , to move that to my yoroi wallet , do I just add another Shelley wallet in my yoroi? I want to keep it separate from mine
Thanks fir your help again


Yes! If u want to keep them in a separate wallet u will need to create another wallet (shelley wallet); it will generate a new seed words for it! U must write and keep it safe!


Thanks Alex

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And, don’t forget to delegate them, extra ADA will be added each epoch to your funds;

Happy delegation!

Hi guys,
Noob here and honored to be part of the ADA family.
I’ve delegated since Feb 5, but no rewards yet…is this normal? I thought it would be deposited after 3 epochs? BTW I’m using Yoroi for iOS.
Thanks in advance for your guidance.


In order to receive rewards the pool which you delegated needs to create blocks. If you checked and the pool created blocks every epoch since you delegated, next epoch you should receive your first rewards.

First time it will take N+4 epochs till you receive first rewards;
See the process bellow:


Cheers ,

Thanks Alex.

Just for clarification,
I looked at my wallet again and apparently I delegated my first amount to the pool in epoch 245, and the pool has been creating blocks every epoch since. Now, based on the provided model above, I should receive my first reward at the end of epoch 249, right?

  • delegated in epoch 245 (N)
  • snapshot performed in epoch 246 (N+1)
  • ADA goes to active stake in epock 247 (N+2)
  • epoch 248 0 rewards calculated for epoch 247 (N+3)
  • rewards distributed to delegators in epoch 248 for epoch 247 (N+4)

What is the pool ticker and what is your stake key? or wallet address? or what amount did you delegated?


I’m sorry, I first deposited to the wallet on Feb 2 but didn’t stake until Feb 5, which is epoch 246 so not late.
BTW where’s the staking key? :sweat_smile:

Acording with above table yes; are u sure u didn’t received? Where are u looking?

Sorry I corrected my message…

Then u will receive first reward in epoch 250

You can track ur rewards here

Also if u check ur address here u will see the stake key


Thanks again :+1: