Rewards from epoch 240

With epoch 244 just starting should I not have received staking rewards immediately, I staked in epoch 240


Delegated in epoch 240 (N)
In epoch 241 (N+1) snapshot performed
In epoch 242 (N+2) your ADA became active
In epoch 243 (N+3) rewards are calculated
In epoch 244 (N+4) rewards distributed

U should receive rewards if the pool created blocks in epoch 242



If the pool you’re delegated to made blocks in epoch 242, you should see your rewards after the turn to the new epoch today. If not, you should contact your pool operator to find out more info.

Ok I have them now, thank you. Can you tell me if they automatically get restaked unless I withdraw them ?

Cool! Yes, your rewards compound and are automatically added to your stake delegation.

Really appreciate your time, the people on this forum are amazing.
If I could ask 1 more question, I moved some more Ada from my crypto exchange to my yoroi wallet, it appears they went automatically into the pool that I had been staking , is that how it is suppose to happen ?

Yes, your wallet address is delegated to the pool, so any other amount of ADA you will receive to that address will be automatically delegated

Thanks again Alex, so to move to another pool, I would have to withdraw? I don’t want to lose the rewards obviously

To move to another pool just go to delegation center and search for another pool, select the pool, write the spending password and done… u changed the pool