The Delegation pool doesn't have rewards after one epoch

Hi there. I hope you are doing well. I need your help I delegated my ADA in a pool to have rewards. After one epoch the pool gave me no rewards. Could you please guide me on what should I do? and another question, How can I cancel the delegation?



In which epoch did u delegated? If this is the first time when u delegated u will need to wait 4 epochs till first rewards

To redelegate to another pool, go to delegation center and choose for another pool


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Hi Alex. Thanks for your help and consideration. I delegated to i think on shelley on my Yoroi ios version.

Ok, but when did u delegated? In which epoch?

Alex another question. When i delegated on a pool. 3 ADA has been deducted from my account. Is this normal?

two days a go in ROMER pool, epoch 266

Ooo ok,

267 - snapshot
268 - ur funds will start participate as active stake
269 - rewards calculated (if the pool created blocks)
270 - first rewards for epoch 268
271 - rewards for 269
272 - rewards for 270, etc

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Wow. Ok then i should wait for the rewards. Alex if i need my ADA assets can i withdraw them right now from my wallet?

Yes, u have full controll of ur funds, u can withdraw whenever u will wish

If u will want to not loss the rewards u must have the ada on the wallet only when the snapshot is performed (before epoch transition)

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Ok, and if i increase my ADA i have more rewards on that time? I apologize if Iā€™m asking many questions :slight_smile:

Yes, but any aditional funds added to the wallet needs 2 snapshots to became active stake

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AHA, Alex many thanks for your great support and have a good time :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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